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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voter Guide - South Dakota Legislature

The South Dakota Family Policy Council has compiled a voter guide which covers a broad range of questions which can help you vote your values when picking a legislative candidate today.

The questions asked of legislative candidates are as follows:

1 Support an act to require abortion facilities to offer sonograms to pregnant women?

2 Support an act to revise certain provisions regarding the rulemaking authority of the South Dakota Board of Education for prekindergarten programs?

3 Support an act to regulate the location and hours of operation of adult oriented businesses? e.g., strip clubs, massage parlors, adult book stores, cabarets, adult theaters.

4 Support an act to clarify the application of certain statutes relative to contraception and birth control? This measure takes away and repeals current legal protections for pharmacists that allow them to exercise their conscience in whether to dispense medication that could cause an abortion.

5 Support an act to regulate the right to carry a firearm on the campuses of public institutions of higher education? The legislation allows law abiding citizens to bare arms for self defense on college campuses.

6 Support an act to allow a home school student to partially enroll in the student's resident school district or in another school district under certain circumstances and to clarify certain testing requirements for students who are partially enrolled? This bill would allow home-schooled students to attend a public school less than 50
percent of the time.

7 Support an act to bring transparency to state spending by requiring the Bureau of Finance and Management to create a website making certain state government information available to the public? This bill would require the state government to publish a website with information on how all tax dollars are spent.

8 Support extending to homosexual couples the legal benefits, rights, and privileges that the state currently provides to married couples?

9 Support legislation that prohibits adoption of children to homosexual parents?

10 Support a health education curriculum that teaches sexual abstinence is the only 100% effective method in preventing sexually transmitted diseases?

11 Support the expansion of public education to offer Universal Pre-Kindergarten for all three and four year olds?

Click here for the guide.


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