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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dist.32 Schwiesow, Adelstein, Katus Race in Possible Recount

According to the South Dakota Secretary of State website, all precincts are in for legislative District 32 and Republican Stan Adelstein has a 151 vote lead on Independent Elli Schwiesow, with incumbent Democrat Tom Katus bringing up third.

The percentage breakdown sits at 34.92% for Adelstein, 33.54% for Schwiesow, and 31.54% for Katus.

The results are flagged "Possible Recount" on the website.

It is doubtful a recount could help Schwiesow close a 151 vote gap...but who knows?

Regardless, Elli has fought a tremendous grassroots campaign against a very, very wealthy and connected opponent. She can hold her head high no matter what the outcome.

And as always, she has upheld Republican values in the finest tradition...even if she did have an "I" after her name in this campaign.


reynaldo said...

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