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Thursday, November 06, 2008

More From the 'Are You Surprised' File

You're not surprised, are you?

From WorldNetDaily:

JERUSALEM – The Hamas terrorist group believes the election of Sen. Barack Obama is an "historic victory" for the world and an opportunity to change U.S. foreign policy toward engagement with America's foes, Ahmed Yousef, Hamas' chief political adviser in the Gaza Strip, told WND in an exclusive interview today.

Yousef, speaking by cell phone from Gaza, said Hamas is drafting a letter of congratulation to be sent tomorrow directly to Obama. He said the current draft of the letter praises the president-elect as "another John F. Kennedy, or great Roosevelt."

"We want to be one of the first to congratulate him," Yousef said.

"This is an historic day, a turning point. I think this is the very first time in history that one country's election concerned everyone everywhere all over [the] world," said Yousef. "Everybody is looking forward to Obama's change, for a change in the U.S. policy, particularly in the Israeli-Palestinian equation, which is the mother of all conflicts."

Terrorist endorsement of a U.S. president-elect.

You asked for it, America...you got it.


Anonymous said...

Hamas have every reason to expect that Obama's policy on the middle-east will be favorable to them. His history of anti-Americanism in general bodes well for them, but they also reasonably expect a payback for the Hamas money infused into the Obama campaign. This announcement from Yousef is simply a reminder to Obama of what their expectations are. I fear they will not be disappointed.

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