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Friday, April 07, 2006

Leftists DO Promote Morals, After All

According to a piece called "Gore urges moral crusade against global warming," AlGore has this to say about the theory of global warming:

"This is really not a political issue, it is disguised as a political issue," Gore said. "It is a moral issue, it is an ethical issue — If we allow this to happen, we will destroy the habitability of the planet. We can't do that, and I am confident we won't do that."

Aren't libs the ones who are always bellyaching for people of traditional values not to "force their morality" on them? Guess it's different when it's liberal's idea of morality.

This is just another example that it's not morality they're against, but Judeo-Christian morality. Libs do indeed have religion--the religion of secular humanism.

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