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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Palin Trashers are Simply Liberals Looking to Head Off Future Threat

Liberals in both the Democrat and Republican Parties--and, of course, the "mainstream" media--have continued to trash Alaska Governor Sarah Palin even after the election was over Tuesday.


They've also heard the talk in conservative circles about Palin continuing to be a leading figure in conservatism and the GOP...and they know it presents a threat.

If Sarah Palin is free to be herself (which she was only part of the time during the couple of months she was on the McCain ticket), she will energize the Republican Party in a way not seen since Ronald Reagan.

Liberal strategists, while terribly wrong philosophically, aren't stupid. They know they must undermine Palin and nip her in the bud before any momentum can be built.

Whether Nicolle Wallace actually said what she is alleged to have said and she's just covering her flank on this NBC interview...or whether other liberals from the McCain campaign and the "mainstream" media are just throwing her name around to give the petty accusations some credibility...that remains to be seen.

If some within the Republican Party want to burn even more bridges to the conservative base, fine. Go ahead. But conservatives built the Republican Party, and we are what breathes life into it...and we aren't going anywhere. Burn your bridges to the conservative base, and you'll find you've isolated yourself.

So go ahead. We've got your number. And like the Republican elephant, we remember...


An4h0ny said...

When she was allowed to be 'herself', that was the point at which all the poll numbers plummeted and many in the GOP started to abandon her. I'm all for her being set loose as 'herself' so she can bring her political self-immolation full circle. Let her speak clearly and often, UNFILTERED to the public. I welcome as many awesomely stupid Palin quotes as she can produce in the next four years. In the immortal words of GWB - Bring It On.

Bob Ellis said...

Yes, Democrats and their pals in the "mainstream" "objective" media will take and manufacture every opportunity to make her look stupid...and as they do so, they will further reveal themselves as the petty children they are.

As they did over the course of the last two months.

Indeed. Bring it on!

Jimmy said...

We can't get stuck on this election. We lost -- and it's no time to try to lay blame.

We need to regroup and redouble our efforts. Conservatives are in for a rough two years, but we have to stay united in our vigilance to advance a conservative agenda. If we give up now we will lose what little ground we have gained.

The conservative organizations that have been tried and true are going to be key to keeping congress in check. We have to get behind them and add voices to those insisting on small government and lower taxes. . I go to the US Chamber site often and I found this video and the message is right on. . .


Now, more than ever, we have to stick together.

Bob Ellis said...

Good video. Thanks, Jimmy!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is the future of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. That is why both the media and the Republican old guard elites are going to try to take her out. It is amazing to watch though because each fresh attack soildifies her support by true conservatives.

It is time for some serious house cleaning at the GOP. The blue blood moderates had their way in this election and look what we have to show for it. Meanwhile, when conservative issues were clearly defined they won overwhelming support as in Prop 8 in California.

The next four years will be hard, but after Obama (and Pelosi and Reid and moveon.org and Soros and Hamas, et al) screw this country up Americans will be ready for change like never before. Palin in 2012!

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