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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Conservative Hope for the Future and for America

Despite last night's disappointing election results, I'm already seeing hope among conservatives.

Conservatives have watched their beloved country embrace an inexperienced, naive, Marxist candidate who has a long list of anti-American associates. They have watched America elect a candidate who has openly sworn to gut our national defense, launch an all-out war on marriage and family, attack our economic system and deride the wisdom of our Founders.

There is much to lament after last night. Personally, I feel as if I just watched a beloved but intoxicated friend venture out in public and do something incredibly foolish and dangerous--something embarrassing and painful to watch (in this case, intoxicated on envy and self-centeredness).

But just as you don't turn your back on a friend who's made a mistake, conservatives will not turn our backs on our country, even in a moment of self-destructive insanity. We will be there to help keep them safe--even if our overtures are rejected--and will be there to help get her back on track.

Already as I look around the internet and the blogosphere, I see conservatives actually breathing a sigh of relief in some cases. There is relief that RINOs like Chris Shays are gone; we can now put forward a real conservative Republican next time around.

There is even a small measure of relief in John McCain's loss. While few of us would have chosen the dark future presented by Barack Obama, John McCain was recognized almost universally among conservatives as a very flawed candidate, one who left much to be desired as a Republican.

Some even thought months ago it would be better to see a flaming liberal Democrat elected than to see a Democrat-Lite RINO Republican like McCain further tarnish the Republican brand. Perhaps the saddest thing about the McCain loss--other than what it bodes for our beloved country--is that vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin--a good conservative--had to go down with him.

Yes, there is hope. There is already talk of aggressive education campaigns to help the American people recognize why socialism is a destructive dead-end street, and to help the American people re-learn about their wonderful heritage of freedom, limited government, personal responsibility, initiative, and virtue.

There is talk of rebuilding the conservative movement now that many pretenders have been exposed and in some cases already ejected.

There is even talk of rebuilding the Republican Party--a once great party which sold its soul in pursuit of a tent so big it embraced everything and stood for nothing.

There are tough times ahead for conservatives. But it is in the tough times where we are tested that we truly learn what we are made of, and what is truly important. It is a chance to grow and a chance to shine.

It won't be long with a radical like Obama and a Democrat congress before the American people wake up and realize that the Utopian dream of Karl Marx sold to them by Obama in red-white-and-blue wrapping paper is a broken dream, an empty package, a whirlpool of envy that demands much and gives little in return.

I will be there, redoubling my efforts to do my part in dispelling the darkness, and I know many of my conservative friends will be there too. Side by side, we will see our nation return to its greatness and virtue.

The hope, fire and determination I'm already seeing is really not surprising at all.

It is in the best tradition of conservative dedication and loyalty to the Founding principles of Americanism.


Ron said...

Thanks for your encouraging words on the future hope for conservatism in America. I, too, think we need to get back to clearly articulating a traditional view of America, something John McCain just didn't have the ability to do.
You left out, however, the one brilliant move of John McCain, which was to bring to national prominence Governor Sarah Palin. If McCain didn't do anything else for the conservative cause, he did enough by introducing Palin to the nation. I believe she has the ideals, the intellegence and the passion to be the American Margaret Thatcher, and I, for one, am getting on the Palin 2012 bandwagon TODAY!

Anonymous said...

Dittos, Ron. Palin in 2012.

Thanks for the encouraging words, Mr. Ellis. You are right, of course, but many of us have been stung deeply by fellow Americans, not to mention friends and relatives, who were taken-in by Obama's charm and promises and voted against the values we had thought they shared with us. It is going to take some time for me to forgive. I'll never understand.

At least the battle has now been engaged in earnest and we can see clearly who the enemy is. Over the last 60 years the Left has claimed to be patriotic Americans dedicated to God and country, differing from those on the Right only on methodology. That has now been shown to be a lie. The Left has exposed their flanks and we see now that they stand for a very different America from that with which our founders entrusted us.

No, I am not willing to give up the fight. But, there will be no more holding back my fire or gentlemanly shots above the head. I intend to draw blood in this battle (figuratively speaking, of course).

Julie said...

Shame on all of you! You all sound so pathetically ridiculous! Obama is a brilliant man with a brilliant team who has stepped up to lead our country. No one was "taken-in" by charm...our country understands (majority of them anyway) what type of leader we need, a fresh and brilliant mind, and rather than putting him down for all that he has achieved thus far and continues to strive for to improve this nation, maybe YOU ALL should show a LITTLE class and support this country in the turns and changes it needs to make. He has enough on his plate that all of the republicans have screwed up over the years, that he now gets to attempt to fix, without having racist, uneducated individuals trying to put down what he has worked so hard to achieve. SHAME ON YOU! ps ...I love that you have to APPROVE this comment..are you gonna post this one?

Bob Ellis said...

Julie, it's still a free country...for the moment. I don't have to approve your comment...but I usually do approve most. Not afraid of a little dissent here.

In fact, I thought your worshipful post was quite funny. A good illustration of an Obamaniac. It must be a wonderful day for you to see your Obamessiah rise to his glory.

Behold his mighty hand!

Julie said...

Mr. Ellis,
Thank you for posting my disagreement! Your response made me laugh! You may call it what you wish, I am very proud of our fellow Americans for voting as they did. I hope that one day more people will understand the meaning behind last nights election results and the benefits that will allow our country to grow in the right direction. May God Bless!

Bob Ellis said...

I already understand the meaning behind last night's results...and it makes me very sad that our country has turned its back on our noble heritage to embrace socialism, immorality and government dependence.

Seek said...

Bob, as usual, your hoarding, self-intersted and greed-driven ilk calling yourselves the "conservatives" makes me want to start "conserving" your rights, abilities, opportunities and privlidges. You aren't a conservative--you are a closed-minded follower, just like Bush Sr. and Jr. (is/was) and McChain and Palin are.

You clearly have things too easy, and need to get deported to a country where you get to struggle to fit in, find opportunity, afford a dentist visit every year or two, and eat decently. I bet you are a bloated pork bellied pig like the canned hams you ally yourself with.

CONSERVATIVE HOPE IS WHAT BARAK OBAMA REPRESENTS!!!! NOT YOU OR YOUR LOST SHEEP PALS. Please move out now so we can clean up this pig sty your bully leaders have left everywhere.

oink oink...

Bob Ellis said...

Seek, I've seen a lot of liberal delusion over the past month or two, but you have to take the cake!

To say that Barack Obama represents "conservative hope" is like saying the fox represents "hen hope" or that Satan is a Christian's best friend.

You apparently landed here from somewhere in the Pegasus Galaxy. You might try going home; your definition of reality just doesn't match anything we have here on planet Earth.

jane2008 said...

I am also very dismayed over friends and a few of our church members voting for a candidate that is against our biblical teachings. Today I could hardly get over it so I find this refreshing. To Julie, you obviously voted for a man that would kill an innocent child and say its ok. You voted for someone that says its ok for same sex marriage and other horrific beliefs, mocks the bible openly in videos , mocks the sermon on the mount. This is not McCain saying it anymore, this is fact and you can view it for yourself. But you would rather say he is going to change the world and make it better, better for whom? for Satan? God Bless you should be for you and may he forgive you for choosing a man who openly defies Godliness in our lives. We want Godly Christians to lead us, not be led by free health care and empty promises. Thanks for the forum may this ministry be richly blessed as you talk about the real truth on this subject.

Anonymous said...

God bless YOU Jane2008.

The delusions of Seek and Julie are typical of many of the Obama supporters. I don't think they care much whether their man repesents the killing of babies, the capitualtion to the evil in this world or the theft of property from some to give to others. They are so filled with hatred that I beleive even BO will eventually be a disappointment to them. They live in perpetual misery and will never be happy until everyone else is as miserable as they are.

Colin said...

Ahh, Bob. The Kool-Aid tastes so good these days. Both for me, and for you.

For my sake--and for yours--, I hope that we have some third parties grow roots in this country that better express the ideals each of us believes in. The Repubs don't seem to represent what you stand for anymore, although there's some question as to whether they ever did.

But, you've said little here. The above is nothing more than a few ad hominem attacks, and they bounce off the Dems like Nerf footballs now--given the election results. What can you do now?

Why not do SOMETHING, something other than this, this blog? Your voice, Bob, will be further marginalized by its own paranoia, should you not find a new tune--or at least sing it in a different key.

You know, you have really valid points about limiting government, and you seem capable of reasoning them well. Why not do that MORE? Why insert moral overtones about social issues? You KNOW your stance on these issues will fail to win you (and you ilk) converts? Why continue, then, to bang your head against the wall?

You know, many Democrats (or those CALLING themselves Democrats) would love to see the federal government shrink. The anti-gay crap, the killing babies rhetoric, the ad hominem attacks...will never win these folks over.

If the conservatives wish to succeed in converting the young (read: mostly Godless), they must start with economic issues. "Let's eliminate welfare programs because they don't work and they cost too much" seems a good place to start.

"Them Godless freaks wanna convert our kids into homosexuals and kill babies" is not. That stuff just turns our stomachs.

Bob Ellis said...

You know something, Colin. Truth isn't a popularity contest. And I don't choose what I say based on what's popular. I say it based on what's right. You and your lib friends can choose to ignore it to your own peril and the peril of our society.

Oh, and that was funny about Democrats wanting to see government shrink. Hilarious. But then I remembered: when it comes to national defense, liberals DO want to see that shrink.

Colin said...

Good enough, Bob. Don't be surprised when your numbers shrink in the coming years.

Bob Ellis said...

If I wanted to be popular, I'd just spout liberal drivel. Liberalism doesn't require facts or homework or sacrifice or responsibility or tough choices; all it requires is to do what feels good.

But it isn't about popularity; it's about truth and what's right. I'll keep saying that even if I'm the last man on earth. If Noah can do it, so can I.

Colin said...

It's confirmed! You really have no interest in having a discussion and no interest in changing anything. This is a platform for the truth (or noise) and it matters not whether it has an impact or not?

Bob Ellis said...

Of course it matters if it has an impact.

However, as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. Obama voters have demonstrated that in abundance this week.

You can only keep putting the truth out there and hope that both time and the school of hard knocks will help it eventually sink in.

jon said...

Just a thought---get the church out of politics and I might be able to vote for a republican some day---Obama is a smart compassionate family man---give him a chance---maybe he can fix up some of the nonsense that has gone on over the last 8 years---Jon

Bob Ellis said...

Sorry, Jon. If you get the "church" out of politics, it will be even more amoral and anti-moral than it currently is. Definitely a bad thing for a people who have any interest in being prosperous or free.

Obama may be a family man, and he might even be smart. But he's a Marxist with racist leanings, and I truly fear for my country under his leadership. The nonsense of the last 8 years will be multiplied exponentially under his leadership.

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