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Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama Supporter: Obama Lacked Courage to Leave Racist Church

According to Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), the reason Barack Obama stayed in Rev. Jeremiah Wright's hate-filled church for 20 years wasn't because he agreed with all this hate; Obama just lacked the courage to leave.

From WorldNetDaily:

"Think of the history here. You have a guy who's half-white, half-black. He goes to an Ivy League school, comes to Chicago ... to start a political career. Doesn't know anybody.

"Gets involved with community organizing – why? Because that's how you form a base. OK. Joins the largest church in the neighborhood. About 8,000 members. ... Why did he join the church? ... Because that's how you get to know people.

"Now maybe it takes a couple years," states Nadler, claiming eventually Obama begins to view Wright differently. "'Jesus, the guy's a nut, the guy's a lunatic.' But you don't walk out of a church with 8,000 members in your district."

"He didn't have the political courage to make the statement of walking out," Nadler said of Obama.

You know, this explanation has a lot of merit. I really couldn't think of another reason why Obama would stay in such a racist, anti-American church--not just for "a couple of years" but for 20 years--like this...unless he stayed because he agreed with these racist, anti-American sentiments.

Given that Obama is surrounded by anti-American associates like the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, PLO spokesman Rashid Khalidi, Ali Abunimah and others, maybe Obama fit in there better than we know. After all, terrorist organizations like Hamas and al-Qaida think pretty highly of him.

But even if Nadler is right and Obama just lacked the "political courage" to leave this hate-spewing church, what would such a huge lapse in courage bode for a President Obama on the national scene.

Would President Obama lack the political courage to oppose terrorist organizations like al-Qaida and Hamas? Would he have trouble summoning the courage to protect the U.S. from threats like Iran? Could he overcome his naive predilection to talk with America's enemies without precondition?

Could he get over the fear of hurting the feelings of his terrorist allies?

Words don't mean squat without tangible acts to back them up. What does Obama's history tell you about how he would handle America's enemies?

That's a question Americans need to consider first and foremost before pulling the lever tomorrow.


Haggs said...

How many times do we have to tell you this? The only people who care about Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers are the people who are going to vote for McCain anyway. No one else cares.

Bob Ellis said...

How many times do we have to tell you mindless Obamaniacs: it matters if the president of the United States hangs out with racists.

It matters even more if the president of the United States hangs out with Marxist anti-American terrorists who bomb public property and would be very happy if the United States was destroyed.

That might not matter to Obamaniacs, but it matters quite a bit to Americans who love their country.

Haggs said...

So just because I support Obama, that means I don't love my country? That's kind of jerky. Republicans don't have a monopoly on patriotism.

I love this country. That's why I want to see some of the problems America is facing fixed. And I believe Obama is the only candidate who can fix those problems.

Bob Ellis said...

People who love their country want to see it protected. Obama praises and hangs out with people who would be much happier seeing our country destroyed.

People who love their country don't associate with people who hate their country. Obama worked with a Marxist who bombed our Capitol, the Pentagon, several police stations, court houses and other locations. Obama praised the spokesman of a terrorist organization. Obama has been praised by terrorist organizations.

People who love their country don't trash and bash their country. Obama has derided the wisdom of our Founders and called our Constitution "tragic." He points to other countries as an example of how the United States should be.

If Obama--and those like him--talked about their wives the way they talk about America, how long do you think he'd stay married?

If you love your country, show it! Defend it! See that it's protected! Honor it!

You don't get a free pass just for saying "I love my country." Mouthing some words or writing some words doesn't mean squat. You have to act like you love America.

If you love your country, show it! Defend it! See that it's protected! Honor it!

If you want to be acknowledged for loving your country, act like it!

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