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Monday, March 27, 2006

Sexual Behavior Reported On Kindergarten Bus

A New Jersey community is outraged to learn about inappropriate sexual behavior among kindergarten students on their school bus.

Isn't our sexual freedom great? After all, our culture of free love isn't hurting anyone, is it?

Where do they learn this behavior from? From their parents, who are either licentious, or allow their children to be exposed to licentiousness in the home; even prime-time network TV is enough to teach kids advanced lessons in the birds and bees, nowadays.

Proud of yourself, liberals? Innocent children, being hurt and hurting others. See where your "freedom" is taking our civilization? Do I think you'll wake up and govern yourself as you should? No. It'll be up to us "regressive" agents of "censorship" to get the courage to do the duty a society should uphold to protect its citizens. At least I hope we'll get the courage to protect these children.

Leftist Paranoia

Seems I've upset the wackos at Coat Hangers at Dawn. And they're responding in typical liberal wacko fashion:

- Scurry for cover and "moderate" their position when someone exposes them for the wack-jobs they are

- Respond with ad hominem attacks because their ammo box of reason is empty

- Express paranoia about being stalked after engaging in stalking-like behavior (after my initial comment about their problems with the Purity Ball, they posted anything they could find about me on the internet, including a Google link to my home number and phone number--ostensibly an effort to intimidate me--and then accuse me in a subsequent post of stalking them)

They also made a post about going through some "extreme South Dakota Taliban" blogs and noting that they didn't have any comments. While I can recall one Right wing blog out there that doesn't receive comments (they don't have "Comment" links), all the others I know of can and do receive comments. It's interesting to note that until the Coat Hangers made this post, their blog (I'm pretty sure of this) didn't have a single comment posted. They suddenly had two after this post, however. Hmmm. Incidentally, not a single one of my 3 or 4 comments have been posted yet. Like I said, liberals have no bullets when it comes to reason.

It's fun to argue with liberals sometimes (if you aren't expecting them to respond to reason, that is); it can be a hoot watching themselves contort into pretzels in an attempt to have their philosophical cake and eat it too. But when you're fighting with the unarmed, as they are at Coat Hangers, it really takes the fun out of it after a few shots.

Well, that's one thing the Left never gets accused of: being rational.

Oh, someone who was at the Purity Ball in Rapid City told me there were a grand total of two (2) protesters there. Pretty intimidating, I'm sure.

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