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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Homosexuals Push to Declare Constitution Unconstitutional

The "Are You Surprised" file is really getting full today.

In a move befitting the liberal concept of "logic," homosexuals want California judges to declare the California Constitution unconstitutional.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

A day after California voters approved a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, the incendiary issue returned to the state Supreme Court, where gay and lesbian couples and the city of San Francisco filed lawsuits Wednesday seeking to overturn Proposition 8.

Hey, guys: this is part of the California Constitution now, not just some law with which to wipe your most convenient orifice.

Not to say they won't try. Logic and rational thought are irrelevant in the liberal universe; what someone feels is all that matters.

But declaring the Constitution unconstitutional--especially when approved by the people in a direct vote--should stretch credulity even for libs.


Barry G. Wick said...

Be careful what you celebrate. Remember, the power of the people can swing in remarkable ways. Putting any freedoms to the test of a public vote can have surprising results. Today it's queers getting bashed...tomorrow? It could be your
favorite freedoms on the chopping block...taxation on churches? fairness doctrines? There could be any number of things you prize that the power of the people could restrict. Once unleashed, that power can be awesome. And don't think the power of the people is restricted to right of center causes...like Bay Buchannon said today on television. The people can create all kinds of havoc given the right motivation. Sure, you won in California and other states..."let's beat the queers." Congratulations on your victory. Now you can sleep, can't you? And what will the people put up for initiatives now...and in what direction is the pendulum swinging now? Be careful what you start and what you think is the right way to proceed to get your way. Queers didn't have anything before...but there are 14,000 couples in legal limbo...married and now not married? Hmmm, what are those activist judges going to do now...and what are the "people" going to think about those people who put them up to this vote? I wonder.

Bob Ellis said...

All that has happened here is a return to sanity, normality, and legality.

Marriage has been clearly defined to mean what it has always meant and the only thing that it truly can mean.

Also, the people have wrestled control of their own government back from oligarchs who have no regard for law, right and wrong, or the family.

Yes, there are a lot of people in limbo now. I feel for them. But there are two sources for blame.

One is those judges who did something illegal and told them they could do what they did not have a natural or legal right to do.

And they also have themselves to blame. When we do something morally or legally wrong, it is always our own fault, regardless of whether we listened to someone elses bad advice or not.

As messy as it is, things have been set right again. And that's a good thing.

Barry G. Wick said...

There's something else, Bob. Sure, you're on the "moral" side of things.
You believe that you have a God-given right to point at others immoralities and correct them. But reading this article on business loss. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/07/us/07marriage.html?hp Now, not only are you against freedoms, your moralistas are against business. I'd don't think your ultimate problem is going to be keeping morality on the straight and narrow...it's going to be the anti-business, anti-freedom, and anti-anything attitude that will sink your ship down the road. The pendulum is swinging...and we know where you're going to be on the scale. Plainly, you're trying to "save America." But who is going to save you when "the People" turn on you and your improperly used moral authority. You say things have been set "right"...well, since it is the people who say what is "right" in a democracy...don't forget this nation used to have slavery, wouldn't allow blacks to vote, wouldn't allow interracial marriage, plus a whole host of other "wouldn'ts" too numerous to mention. "The People" changed all that after multiple pendulum swings. Perhaps you suffer from short-sightedness. It's what you think is right now. The future always speaks for the people...and what is right has a surprising way of changing....despite what you hold to be right through your deeply held religious belief. Despite what you may think, I have no desire to change what you believe or how you run your family...or who you associate with...or how you celebrate your religious choice. Eventually, however, I'm afraid you're going to find the power of the people leans in the direction of allowing others freedom...something you can't tolerate when it comes to the topic of homosexuality. You and others like you can't leave gay people alone...so from that comes a whole host of visuals you didn't want to see on the nightly news....parades, etc. The "push" you and others have now authorized to put the "cat" back in the bag, so to speak, is succeeding so far.
It's a brilliantly run campaign against a group of people that is a part of a political push to keep the White House and the Congress. But when "The People" figure out how they've been manipulated by the Roves and others...well, I do hope history doesn't stomp on you too hard. Ultimately, you may find your "morality" was used by evil forces to manipulate the political thought of millions of needy, short-sighted people...rather than being moral power on it's own. That, to me, would be more of a shock...knowing that my religious beliefs had been hijacked by evil forces to do evil in the name of morality. It's happened before in history...and it doesn't look like it's going to stop happening anytime soon. Today it's stopping marriage for gay and lesbian people...but yesterday it was eliminating Jews, Roma and any number of other people. It always amazes me how moral people seem to want to make others in their own image...rather than allowing people to discover for themselves what is moral and what isn't. And as we all know, the cross isn't a symbol of everlasting life as we've been told, but a symbol of punishment and torture...a word to the wise that "if you step out of line" you're likely to end up on the cross. That, to me, is the most interesting part of Christ's message. The duality of the image of the cross. How you choose to use the image of the cross is up to you. Which do you choose? A symbol of redemption or a symbol of punishment.

Bob Ellis said...

While I am very pro business, I am against any business which promotes, facilitates or condones immorality--as these practices are.

Society not only has an obligation to obey God, but also to set and enforce moral standards. It cannot and should not police every activity and behavior, but those that affect the stability, health and overall moral fiber of society--those it can and should.

Turning marriage upside down and allowing couples who obviously don't meet the definition to nevertheless say that they do undermines the stability of our culture. It also threatens public safety because homosexual behavior not only carries drastically higher health risks, but also opens any children thrust into that environment into situations problematic for their healthy and well-adjusted development.

Obviously, regardless even of moral considerations, no rational society would permit such a thing.

Oh, and people do not determine what is "right" in a democracy; they only determine what policy will be. Right and wrong do not change with public opinion.

The message of the cross is twofold, and unfortunately modern culture assumes license from one while totally ignoring the other.

Christ died on the cross to save and redeem us. But from what? And why?

Because we are born sinners. Meaning we violate God's standards. Meaning we deserve and are destined for punishment (the message you find so abhorrent that you try to ignore it). If God were not a righteous and just God--and we so in need of redemption--there would have been no need for Christ to suffer and die for us on the cross. If God were not righteous and holy and committed in his character to justice, he could have done just as you and modern culture try to do--ignore the sin and pretend it didn't happen, or that it didn't matter.

Because God loves us but by his nature is committed to justice, he sent the only sinless human being to pay for our sins. You see, there HAD to be punishment. And Christ took it for all of us, and bought our pardon.

But in order to receive that pardon, something in the human heart has to happen first. We have to admit we NEED the pardon. We have to admit we've been wrong. We have to admit we've been sinning. And we have to see our need to turn from that life of sin so clearly that we're willing to rely on God's grace and help to assist us in leaving it behind.

As long as you pretend your sins aren't sins, you can't accept the pardon. As a sinner, your hands are full of sin, and you can't reach out and grasp the pardon without putting down the sin and emptying your hands. Your hands have to be open and free before they can grasp the pardon.

And that's something you can do today, if you're willing Barry.

don said...


there are millions of people in this country gay and straight who do not accept and will never accept your religion. your answer to their problems is insulting because you will not allow them to practice their faith or lack of it because your afraid some of them will not allow you to practice theirs. if christians stuck to that issue they would have a much broader base of support.

instead you are loosing the center. consider this monday morning thousands of children of gay parents are going to go to school. and this will happen every day from now on. they and their friends will want to know why their parents can't be married. your only answer is to eliminate gay families. it is very unlikely that people like you will be able to force the majority to suppress gays and our families.

and as those in the center reflect on this basic concept and people like you attempt to force your beliefs on everyone, you will stand alone.

Bob Ellis said...

You don't have to accept my religion and that of about 84% of Americans.

But you do not have the right to redefine a basic and fundamental institution such as marriage, nor do you have the right to force acceptance of an immoral, unnatural and unhealthy sexual practice on society.

Incidentally, Christianity is not about a "broad base of support" but about the truth. If people don't like it, that's their choice and their problem.

Ironically, homosexuals cannot produce families, only hijack them. Religion aside, this is a primary reason the concept of homosexual "marriage" is nonsensical.

Homosexuals cannot create a new generation needed to carry on a society, and the tremendous health problems and instability common to most homosexuals (higher rates of AIDS, other STDs, hepatitis, depression, substance abuse, suicide, domestic violence promiscuity, lack of monogamy) also make homosexual homes a terrible environment to inflict upon adopted children.

You really should learn to put the needs of children and the needs of society ahead of petty lusts.

Seven Trees said...

Your bible and your god are fictional. Consider yourself lucky that sane people have graciously let you muck about in your insanity this long. Now you are imposing your madness on everyone, and sane people cannot permit you to damage our country and citizens any longer.

If you can't keep your religion separate from our state, then we will make it so. Your religion is not our law. Your religion is a choice. It's immoral, criminal, and you had better learn to keep your hate speech to yourself, or face prosecution (and persecution, which I know makes xtianists all weak at the knees).

Rights for all or peace for none!

Bob Ellis said...

That's pretty arrogant, Seven Trees, considering about 84% of Americans call themselves Christians, and that this nation was built by Christians on Christian principles.

Also pretty arrogant considering that every atheistic nation there's ever been (the few that have ever been) have always involved some of the most brutal tyranny mankind has ever seen; the Soviet Union was the prime example.

Perhaps you should be grateful that our nation's civic government is built on the Christian worldview that recognizes, while there is most certainly a right and a wrong (and homosexuality is most assuredly in that "wrong"), you can't force someone to believe something they don't want to, and allows all men to believe what they want, so long as it doesn't harm another or undermine the stability of our society.

And, incidentally, attempting to redefine marriage and family does undermine marriage and family--our most fundamental institutions--in a very grave manner.

That is why good people cannot and will not allow you to attempt to do so.

You really should quit being so selfish and self-centered and start working for the benefit of the wonderful country and society in which you live. There is more than just you in this universe, after all.

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