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Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama Declares War on Coal, Electricity

Barack Obama says he wants to see the coal industry go bankrupt. I'm sure our friends at the coal mines in Wyoming, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Indiana all welcome this news.

In fact, most Americans should be thrilled about getting back to the quieter life, since about half of our energy comes from coal.

Think of it, without electricity, we get to bed earlier at night so we get more sleep. Also, without TV we'll have fewer distractions and might actually read a good book--who knows...folks might read an American history book and actually discover that we were never intended to be a big-government socialist country. They'll probably have to read it by candle light, but hey: at least we got rid of the coal.

A lot of good could actually come from Obama's socialist, radical environmental extremist government.


Tom said...

Thank you for sharing this enlightening look into the kind of government agenda we would expect from an Obama administration.

Yes, there is corruption and collution in and between government and big business.

Yes it needs to be exposed and dealt with appropriately.

No, Barrack Obama is absolutely NOT the right choice for President of the United States of America.

Please also visit http://www.SaveWesternOH.org/local_politics
for more.

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