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Monday, November 03, 2008

Ohio People Calling South Dakotans to Urge No Vote on Measure 11

Now isn't that special.

Not only does it seem we have people here from California working against a measure put on the ballot by the signatures of more than 50,000 South Dakotans...

Not only does it seem that we have people here from California who seem to register to illegally vote in our election against our ballot initiatives and then go home the next day...

But it seems we have people from Ohio calling South Dakotans urging them to vote against one of our own ballot initiates...a ballot initiative that they seem to be completely clueless on.

The VoteYesForLife.com folks received an email from a South Dakotan who received such a call. The young man calling didn't really know what Initiated Measure 11 was about...just that you should vote "No" on it.

When this South Dakotan asked for a supervisor, we learned the call originated from Ohio:

She was a little more informed and indicated the call was from Ohio. I asked her if she knew anything about the Measure and specifically the campaign in South Dakota. She didn’t. I then asked her if she thought that a “healthy family” would encourage killing an unborn child. She actually had the courage to admit that she didn’t support abortions.

Interesting, huh?

Pretty soon, they won't even need us South Dakotans to vote in our own elections. The pro-abortion folks will just have people from other states do the whole thing for us.

Isn't that nice of them to unburden us so kindly?


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