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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Why Chuck Yeager supports Duncan Hunter

Why Chuck Yeager supports Duncan Hunter

WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary
Posted: January 3, 2008

1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Christopher G. Adamo

The unfolding 2008 presidential campaigns have brought some unusual names to the forefront of American politicking. Among them, Oprah Winfrey, that citadel of expertise on domestic and foreign affairs, gives her flamboyant support to Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., while the intellectually vacant social activist vote of Barbara Streisand goes to Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y.

In contrast, consider the preference expressed by retired Brig. Gen. Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager. A true American superhero of unrivaled pedigree, Yeager was the first human being ever to fly "faster than a speeding bullet," as he successfully broke the sound barrier six decades ago in the Bell X-1. He went on to reach numerous other aviation milestones as a test pilot, eventually achieving the rank of brigadier general in the United States Air Force.

(Complete Article)

Excellent commentary! Exceedingly interesting and informative!

Letter to the Editor Makes Important Point

I happened upon a "Letter to the Editor" by David Lyon (Jan. 4, 2008) in the Courant.com regarding Duncan Hunter and wanted to share an important point made...

"In our republic, the role of the media is to provide information to the citizens, so they can select their leaders and help to decide the direction of our country. The media should not be choosing our leaders for us. The voters should be informed about all the candidates; then they can decide who will win. If The Courant can provide information about low-polling Democratic candidates (such as Joseph Biden, Bill Richardson, Chris Dodd and Dennis Kucinich), then it can do so for Duncan Hunter. His website is http://www.gohunter08.com/."

(Entire Letter)

Fred Thompson Announces Endorsement of Citizens for Life

Leading New Hampshire Pro-Life Organization Joins Growing List of Supporters

MC LEAN, Va., Jan. 5 /Christian Newswire/ -- Today Fred Thompson announced the endorsement of Citizens for Life, the New Hampshire affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.

"Granite State voters like no-nonsense candidates who stand up for their beliefs. Fred Thompson is such a candidate," said Roger Stenson, Citizens for Life Executive Director. "Fred Thompson had a 100% pro-life voting record as a member of the United States Senate. For all of us who care about the dignity and sanctity of human life and the most basic freedom upon which our nation was founded - the right to life - Fred Thompson is a leader of great promise."

Citizens for Life is the 14th state pro-life organization to endorse Senator Thompson for President.

"I'm blessed and honored to have the endorsement of Citizens for Life for President of the United States," said Senator Thompson. "These folks in the Granite State are the 14th organization coast to coast that has voted to endorse my candidacy, and more likely will, because they know I have stood with them yesterday, I stand with them today, and will stand with them tomorrow. They know I have the ability to win this election. They know I believe in the sanctity of life and as President I will do all that I can to do to protect life."

Fred Thompson is pro-life. He believes in the sanctity of human life and that every life is worthy of respect. He had a 100% pro-life voting record in the Senate and believes Roe v. Wade was a bad decision that ought to be overturned. He consistently opposed federal funding to promote or pay for abortion and supported the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act, the Child Custody Protection Act, and President Reagan's Mexico City policy. While Fred Thompson supports adult stem cell research, he opposes embryonic stem cell research. He also opposes human cloning.

Focus on the Family Weekend Magazine

Miscommunication in marriage! Are you really getting through to your spouse?

And picking the right battles with your kids!

Plus — some powerful reminders about the Sanctity of Human Life!

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Family News in Focus Weekend


Homosexuals "families" are being recruited to harass churches and play the victim in front of the press in the coming year

Science from satellite data points toward the Genesis flood?

Latest college trend: gender neutral dorm rooms on campus

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From OnePlace.com

Truth Project Lesson 1 - Veritology: What is Truth?

The Truth Project begins by defining truth as "that which corresponds to reality." This absolute and eternal truth, at the heart of Jesus' mission on earth, continues to be the focal point of the Cosmic Battle in our own time.

Visit www.thetruthproject.org for more information.

South Canyon Baptist Church in Rapid City will start the Truth Project this Sunday, and for the next 12 weeks, at 8:57 am to 10:15 am. Even if you worship at an other church, you would still likely have time to attend and then make your 10:45 or 11:00 worship service. You won't be disappointed!

Washington Watch Weekly


The Iowa turnout

Salvation Army store is sued for requiring workers to speak English

Homosexual unions now have legal recognition in New Hampshire, but only 30 couples have taken advantage of it.

Cell phone drivers slow down traffic

Pope declared that the traditional family is the foundation of world peace

And much more...

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From OnePlace.com

Cell Phone Talkers Clog Traffic

I wondered why it seemed there were more idiots on the road these days. Now I know. Cell phone jabber while driving.

From the UK Daily Mail:

The researchers discovered that while talking on the hands-free phone, motorists drove more slowly, made fewer lane changes, and had slower reactions to the varying traffic conditions.

When stuck behind a dawdling driver, it took them between 25 and 50 seconds longer to switch to an open lane to overtake.

Overall, mobilephone drivers took three per cent longer to drive along the same highdensity route.

I'd noted that it also seemed like there were far more idiots out during the daytime than at night. I think that now makes sense, too. So many people talk on cell phones to conduct business, and most business is conducted during the day...

So IQs haven't suddenly plunged recently (well, maybe they still have), but cell phone jibber-jabber is clogging up the roadways.

Come on, people! I'd rather be somewhere than spend all my time getting there.

Super-Germs and Evolution

Answers with Ken Ham

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From OnePlace.com

HPV Vaccine: A Painful Way to Avoid Responsibility

From MSNBC, it seems the Human Papillomavirus vaccine being offered at taxpayer expense in South Dakota is particularly painful and often causes fainting in the young girls who get it.

Officials at Merck & Co., which makes the vaccine, acknowledge the sting. They attribute it partly to the virus-like particles in the shot. Pre-marketing studies showed more reports of pain from Gardasil than from dummy shots, and patients reported more pain when given shots with more of the particles.

Meanwhile, U.S. health officials have noticed a rise in reports of vaccine-associated fainting in girls. From 2002-2004 there were about 50 reports of fainting; from 2005 until last July, there were about 230. About 180 of those cases followed a shot of Gardasil, which came on the market in 2006.

HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cervical cancer.

I'd rather teach my daughter the value of being responsible than expose her to this new, painful drug and give her the mistaken impression that it's going to protect her from the consequences of premarital sex.

British: Sex Ed Backfiring

From the UK Telegraph, the British are facing up to the conclusion that sex education and greater availability of contraceptives is increasing risky behavior:

Professor David Paton, an economist at the Nottingham University Business School, said: "The underlying social deprivation of an area, family breakdown rates and religion seems to have a greater effect on teenage pregnancy rates than more obvious policies such as sex education or providing access to family planning.

"There has been a tendency for the Government's teenage pregnancy strategy to focus on creating schemes where teenagers can get the morning after pill or other forms of family planning at school or clinics.

"The danger with this sort of approach is that it can lead to an increase in risky sexual behaviour amongst some young people.

"There is now overwhelming evidence that such schemes are simply not effective in cutting teenage pregnancy rates."

Friday, January 04, 2008

Reports of Religious Right's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Gerald F. Seib has a piece at the Wall Street Journal which points out that reports of the demise of the Christian Right have been overstated, as evidenced by Mike Huckabee's win in Iowa. I believe his analysis is balanced and reasonable.

Here's an excerpt:

At a minimum, the Iowa results change the conventional wisdom about the power of Christian conservatives in 2008. With no obvious Christian conservative darling among the early leading candidates, the predictions of their demise as a power were widely disseminated: conservative Christians were too dispirited to get engaged, they might sit on their hands, they might even look for a third-party candidate of their own.

But what happened in Iowa was that the foot soldiers moved out on their own, without regard to where their leaders were heading. They singled out Mr. Huckabee, and turned him from after-thought to front-runner.

And so doing they have changed the character of the Republican contest from here on out. But the point is that the conservative Christian vote is important, not that it is locked up.

After last year's loss of both houses of congress, it was understandable that the media might believe the influence of the Christian voter was over. What they failed to realize was exactly the opposite (and it's the lesson the Republican Party desperately needs to learn): when both parties are full of big-spending immoral dirtbags, Christians will usually stay home, rather than vote the lesser of two evils. (Right now, apparently many in the Religious Right are fooled into thinking Huckabee isn't a big government type, but they may be in for a rude awakening if they succeed in getting him elected).

And from an AP piece at CBS4Denver, James Dobson is quoted:
Huckabee's victory "was evidence of an energized and highly motivated conservative community," Dobson said. "Not bad for a supposed bunch of demoralized, depressed, disillusioned and disengaged Reaganites."

From LifeNews.com, exit polling data points to a strong showing for the Religious Right vote in Iowa:
Previous polls show about 70-75 percent of Republican voters in Iowa take a pro-life position and Huckabee’s frequent references to his strongly pro-life views -- in the face of attacks from Mitt Romney and other candidates -- may have made the difference.

CNN exit polling showed Huckabee winning 46 percent of the evangelical voters that turned out on Thursday night while Romney only received the support of 19 percent of that segment. Those who said a candidate's religious views mattered significantly backed Huckabee 56-11 percent over Romney.

The disappointing thing:
Those voters who described themselves as “very conservative” sided with Huckabee on a 35-23 percentage point margin and Huckabee won with the largest group of Republicans who said the most important consideration was someone who shared their political values.

Why would someone who describes themselves as "very conservative" support a candidate who is conservative on a couple of issues...and liberal on most of the rest? Especially when there were much better choices out there (can you say "Duncan Hunter"?). Some of these voters may get a chance to wake up someday and want to saw off their arm, if you get my meaning.

From The Swamp comes news of statement from the anti-Christian People for the American Way:
If there were any doubts that Religious Right voters are still a powerful force in the Republican Party, Mike Huckabee’s huge win in Iowa put them to rest.

I think Christian voters are making a big, big mistake and if Huckabee does get elected, there will be a lot of "buyer's remorse" in short order next year.

Actually, from the polling breakdown, it looks like Huckabee did best with that segment of religious voter most often prone to emotional decisions and reactions (and you know who they are), than those who more often follow well-researched evidence. In other words, he may have done better with those who aren't solid conservatives, or that don't have a consistent biblical worldview.

But Huckabee would be much more palatable to Christians who are serious about their faith; while he's liberal in many areas, some Christians draw the line at supporting someone (like Giuliani) who supports abortion--after all, they see it as murder.

And for all his warped social theology, at least Huckabee's theology doesn't undermine the deity of Jesus Christ as does Mitt Romney's Mormonism--another non-starter for many serious Christians.

If this keeps up, those fears of a third party move from Christian conservatives might be laid to rest.

At least Christians are getting excited and getting out there. I wish they'd wake up a little more and get their eyes open a little more, but I guess I'll take groggy over completely asleep.

Iraqi Freedom Minute

Focusing on the latest news from Operation Iraqi Freedom. American Forces Network Iraq presents Iraqi Freedom Minute.

Temperament of Masculinity and Femininity

James Dobson Family Minute

Psychologist Dr. James Dobson explains the differences between boys and girls and how to manage those temperaments!

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

(Maybe those folks in Maine could use some of this advice?)

Maine School Discriminates Against Heterosexual Boy

From WorldNetDaily:

At the heart of the issue is the treatment being provided an unidentified 10-year-old at the elementary school, according to documentation from the Christian Civic League of Maine.

The organization is reporting Paul Melanson found out his grandson's school was allowing another boy to use the girl's restroom, and decided that wasn't right. He told his grandson to follow the other boy into the girl's restroom whenever he saw the other boy doing it, and when he did, the boy was confronted by school officials and warned against such behavior, and the grandfather was confronted by police.

However, Melanson responded to those concerns by alleging the school was discriminating against his grandson by depriving him of the accommodations allowed others, simply because of his sexual orientation, an action banned under state law.

It only makes sense. If some confused and egocentric people want to play games, and government wants to accommodate them based on politically correct silliness, then it's only fair. But of course they want to have their cake and eat it, too.

I actually predicted this kind of idiotic chaos nearly five years ago when I wrote a column entitled "Lesbian Locker Rooms."

Is anyone ready for the grownups to be in charge, again?

Why don't we just quit pandering to silliness and return to a more simple standard of sexual identification: if your sex organs are outside your body, you're a boy; if your sex organs are internal, you're a girl--and you use the bathroom or locker room designated for boys or girls based on where your sex organs are.

Or if that isn't plain enough, we can always go back to science, which liberals love to worship (except when it contradicts their utopian vision of total permissiveness with zero consequence). Science says if your chromosomes are XY, you're a boy. If you're XX, you're a girl. It's science; deal with it.

Things are so much simpler and easier all around when everyone plays the cards they're dealt instead of fighting against nature (and God).

Family News in Focus 01-04-08


Politically active pastors in Iowa received anonymous, threatening letters leading up to last night’s caucuses

Pope ushered in New Year by promoting traditional family; a message that didn’t settle well with homosexual community

More and more advertisers are doing their part to clean up TV programming

Several colleges and universities are putting their stamp of approval on coed dorm rooms

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From OnePlace.com

Is Our Trust in God Rubbing Off?

Washington Watch Daily

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From OnePlace.com

Un-Christian: What People Think of Us

BreakPoint - Chuck Colson and Mark Earley

What People Really Think of Us
A new book reveals what the younger generation thinks about Christianity, and it is not a pretty picture. To quote the comic strip Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

The Truth Project Starts This Weekend

South Canyon Baptist Church in Rapid City will start the Truth Project this Sunday, and for the next 12 weeks, at 8:57 am to 10:15 am. Even if you worship at an other church, you would still likely have time to attend and then make your 10:45 or 11:00 worship service. You won't be disappointed!

This is the extended trailer for Focus on the Family's The Truth Project. The Truth Project is an innovative DVD curriculum that teaches viewers how to develop a systematic and comprehensive biblical worldview. Educator Dr. Del Tackett is both engaging and winsome as he teaches Christians to apply biblical truths to every area of life.

Visit www.thetruthproject.org for more information.

Recommended Reading

Approval Expected of Legislative Code of Conduct

From the Yankton Press & Dakotan:

Legislative leaders said they expect the proposed code, aimed at reminding lawmakers they are expected to follow high standards of behavior, will be approved in the first few days of this year's legislative session, which opens Tuesday.

The brief code, written in broad terms, says the public requires that lawmakers maintain the "highest of moral and ethical standards," comply with legal requirements involving campaign finance and conflicts of interest, and refrain from offensive behavior, including sexual harassment. It also slightly modifies the procedure for handling complaints against lawmakers.

I've said before and still believe that this doesn't really accomplish anything.

Will this code allow prosecutions for crimes that people got away with before? Does it make it easier to prosecute wrongdoers where we had a really tough time before? Were people getting off with a slap on the wrist before, and this will fix that?

Would this have made any difference whatsoever in the Dan Sutton or Ted Klaudt cases that spawned it?

In the scheme of things, I suppose little money was wasted on the effort to come up with it, so if it makes some people feel better, then have at it.

But let's be realistic about it. I would rather see my government act on logic and reason than blind emotionalism.

Christians Appeal to Caesar for More Welfare?

An excellent op/ed from Bruce Walker at American Thinker on what far too many Christians (not to mention pseudo-pagans) have forgotten: that charity and good works falls within the purview of the private, not the American government.

Here's an excerpt:

Did Christ ever say his followers should ask Rome to do more for the welfare of its subjects? Or did Christ ask each individual Christian to personally do more to feed the hungry, to comfort the sick, to care for the widows and orphans, and to seek justice and mercy? Rome was a welfare state. The urban masses of Rome lived on bread and circuses. Roman power, outside Rome, build good roads, aqueducts, baths, bridges, libraries and undertook many other public works projects. Pax Romana was a very real blessing to nations who had fought wars around Mare Nostrum for centuries.

Despite the ways in which Roman power could be used to improve the world, Christ never looked to Rome to bring paradise or earth or even to be the agent of doing good in this world. Christ, rather, enjoined his followers to personally sacrifice and work for the rest of the world. He did not want Christians running for Roman offices to use the hated Roman taxes to "do good." His message was personal.

Our republic, founded by Christians who had a Biblical worldview, was not created to do what people should be doing themselves, as Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, the Tenth Amendment, and numerous quotes from the Founders illustrate.

The article explores this very important truth in light of Mike Huckabee's eagerness to the use the power of the state to perform the good works that Christ admonished people to do.

Read the whole article here.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Full of Upsets

Well, tonight's caucus in Iowa wrought outcomes that no one would have seriously bet on three months ago.

Looks like Huckabee won for the GOP by a healthy margin, and Obama also did well on the Democrat side. In fact, it looks like Edwards has come in second for the Democrats, ahead of Hillary Clinton.

Congratulations to Huckabee tonight. He's not my choice, but I'd take him over Giuliani, Romney, McCain, or any of the Democrats.

Three months ago, common wisdom said Huckabee "doesn't have a chance." Imagine where a real conservative like Duncan Hunter could be right now if the Christians who thought Huckabee had "a little better chance" than Hunter had supported Hunter instead. We could have a consistent, reliable conservative as the GOP front runner, instead of a pro-life liberal Republican.

But who knows. Things could still change. There can be many a slip between a cup and a lip.

Language Barriers to Communicating Truth

Answers with Ken Ham

Many Americans no longer speak the "Christian" language, so don't understand concepts like sin and other Biblical doctrines.

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Adult Children of Alcoholics

James Dobson Family Minute

Psychologists and family advocates Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Bill Maier address the struggles adult children of alcoholics.

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Spanish Minister in Trouble for Encouraging Heterosexuality

From LifeSite.net, here's where we're headed: in Spain, apparently you can get in legal trouble just encouraging heterosexuality.

Marcos Zapata, a protestant minister and president of the Dignity Association, was giving a seminar for the Evangelical Council of Aragon when he made the comments, at a talk titled "How to Raise Heterosexual Children."

Zapata reportedly stated that he reinforces his sons' masculinity by watching professional wrestling with them and advised his audience to show affection to their children. He told fathers to "hug your sons as much as you can, because if you don't, perhaps another man will".

The Galician Vice President of Equality and Welfare responded to the reported remarks by announcing that he was initiating an investigation into Zapata's activities to discover "any type of proselytism or homophobic attitude" in his work with minors. Zapata's Dignity organization works in the province's schools to combat drug addiction and other social ills.

What an upside-down world!

Life-Long Republicans Who Don't Like Republicans

Newsbusters today identifies a couple of con-jobs that we see from time to time in the "mainstream" media, where they tout Republicans who, by golly, just have to support a Democrat in the current election.

Here's an excerpt from the first:

In an interview two months ago, however, Monica Green listed Ronald Reagan as the last Republican President with whom she “identified” and, asked whether she'd vote for Reagan if he were running against Barack Obama today, she equivocated as she implied Reagan was too anti-communist: “You mean if he was running against Obama today? Oh my goodness. That's a good question...His views on communism were probably not the view I would appreciate today. I've got a much more global perspective today, and Obama touches that.”

Notice that last sentence, how touchy-feely it is? How emotional? A solid Republican wouldn't make such an emotionalistic statement.

From reading the dichotomous statements of this Monica Green, who is a "life long Republican" who liked Reagan, but would vote for Obama over Reagan...if she ever really was a Republican, it's only because she blindly wandered into the party out of sheer ignorance. Anyone who can make a silly set of statements like that is either a bad liar (which many liberals are), or has never even considered the concept of developing a consistent philosophy (also common in liberals and "moderates").

An excerpt from the second example, which provides passages from some letters so-called "life long Republican" Henry A. Lowenstein sent to the New York Times:
From today's edition: "We have allowed this administration to lie, cheat and break the law, and to break its sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution."

May 26, 2003: "The decline of the dollar is a sign of what may come if we allow the folly of tax cuts when what we really need is a huge influx of capital and a shrinking of our trade deficits."

February 26, 2004: "John Kerry is no 'Massachusetts liberal' and no Michael Dukakis. John Kerry is Karl Rove's worst nightmare: a candidate who can go eye to eye with the president on foreign policy and terrorism, and whose record on health care, the environment and jobs is exemplary."

August 18, 2005: "The Bush administration's domestic plan is to make sure that every worthwhile, successful and fair entitlement program is eliminated. The administration's constituents, the super rich, do not need or want these programs."

For someone like this to have been a "life long Republican," he would have to have been pulling a Rip Van Winkle and someone rolled him over and pushed him into the Republican Party while he was asleep. What could he possibly like about the Republican Party? Elephants?

For the media to put such people forward as "life long Republicans" with a straight face, I can think of only two explanations: (1) the "mainstream" media is more stupid than we ever imagined possible, or (2) they know these people aren't representative of Republican values...and don't care.

As Michelle Malkin says, "When the MSM digs up 'life-long Republicans' who support Democrats …you know you’re being had."

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What Kind of Role Model Are You?

From yesterdays's devotional in Men of Integrity:

Key Bible Verse: But you must be careful with this freedom of yours. Do not cause a brother or sister with a weaker conscience to stumble (1 Corinthians 8:9). Bonus Reading: Titus 2:6-8

When I was in high school, the mother of one of the girls in our church youth group stopped me after the evening service and said, "My daughter went to the movies the other night and was horrified at the terrible language in the film. She had never heard such language in her life."

I couldn't figure out why she was telling me about her daughter's experience unless it was because she considered me to be such a spiritual giant in our group. So I took the bait and asked, "If the movie was so bad, why did your daughter go?" Once the mom had me hooked, she replied, "Well, a week earlier she was driving past the theater and saw you and your date waiting in line to see the film. She reasoned to herself, If this movie is okay for Robert Jeffress, then it must be okay for me." I quickly looked for the nearest pew to crawl under.

None of us lives in a vacuum. The choices we make have a profound impact on others and therefore on the kingdom of God. They either encourage others to be fully devoted followers of Christ or discourage them. Realizing that provides most of the guidance we need when considering the gray areas of behavior.

—Robert Jeffress in Grace Gone Wild!

Man, I hate it when people catch me doing something wrong! (For them and for me)

Rapid City Crackerbarrels Announced

The Rapid City Journal has announced four legislative crackerbarrels over the next two months:

Here are the dates and the legislators from the Rapid City area who will be speaking:

Jan. 12 -- Sen. Mac McCracken and Reps. Jeff Haverly, Don Van Etten and Gordon Howie;

Jan. 26 –- Sens. Jim Lintz and Bill Napoli and Reps. Gordon Pederson and Mike Buckingham;

Feb. 16 –- Sen. Tom Katus and Reps. Ed McLaughlin, Mark Kirkeby and Brian Dreyer;

Feb. 23 –- Sen. Dennis Schmidt and Reps. David Lust and Brian Gosch.

Most or all legislators are usually on hand for Q&A, but the legislators listed will be making speeches.

The crackerbarrels are from 9:00am - 11:00am in the classroom building at the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology.

Freedom Watch Afghanistan

The latest from Operation Enduring Freedom showing the activities of American troops in country. Produced by AFN-Afghanistan.

Iowa Caucus 'Causing a Ruckus

Editorials say Iowa too unrepresentative
Thu Jan 3, 1:39 PM ET

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As Democrats and Republicans prepared to vote in the Iowa caucuses on Thursday, some U.S. editorials said the midwestern state was too unrepresentative and voter turnout too small to merit such an outsized role in the U.S. presidential election process.

(Full article)

With editorials critizing Iowa's role in nominating the presidential candidates, I have to wonder -- are there members of the media that are jealous of Iowa's influence and want it for self?

Practical Atheists

BreakPoint - Chuck Colson and Mark Earley

What makes a person a hero in the eyes of others? A recent poll by CNN might surprise you.

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Dirty Tricks to Keep Christians Out of Politics

Time magazine yesterday says some secularists are trying to scare Christians away from the political process in Iowa.

In recent days, at least two evangelical pastors who are personally supporting Mike Huckabee received anonymous mailings warning that their churches risk sanction by the Internal Revenue Service if they become too involved in politics. The pastors said that the letters, one of which is notable for exaggerated punctuation and a spelling mistake, appeared aimed at preventing church leaders from encouraging congregants to turn out on caucus night.

The article provides a brief outline of what is permissible under the tax code governing tax exempt organizations:
Under federal rules, churches and other tax exempt organizations are barred from explicitly supporting or opposing a candidate. Church leaders, however, can still encourage congregants to participate in elections or caucuses, and they may discuss general political issues, like abortion and marriage, from the pulpit. Leaders can also endorse candidates in their capacity as private citizens.

By the way, these rules have absolutely nothing to do with the Constitution or in any way with the grossly misconstrued mythical "separation of church and state."

These rules go back to a law dreamed by by Senator Lyndon B. Johnson in 1954. A nonprofit group opposed Johnson, and in retaliation Johnson fought for and won approval of a law restricting nonprofit organizations from speaking for or against candidates. Before that--going all the way back to the Revolution--there were no restrictions whatsoever on clergy or churches making political endorsements. They could rightfully speak to the morality of issues and candidates.

At the invitation of the South Dakota Family Policy Council, Gary McCaleb, Senior Vice President of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), came to South Dakota in 2006 and spoke in several cities to pastors about exactly what they could and couldn't do with regard to their tax exempt status. I attended the Rapid City meeting and did a detailed writeup of what McCaleb said. Here is an excerpt:
Today in Rapid City, McCaleb told a filled room of 60 Black Hills area pastors and church leaders, “What they are saying is that you can lose your tax exemption as a church if you speak out on the abortion ban, or the gambling issue if it comes up, or in favor of marriage. I’ve come up from Arizona...to tell you very directly that this is absolutely inaccurate, wrong, false information. If you speak out even directly from your pulpit and tell your people to vote in favor of the marriage amendment, or vote in favor of the abortion ban, that is not going to put your tax exemption at risk.”

McCaleb also said churches may use an “insubstantial portion of your ministry resources to directly lobby on legislative matters like these [marriage and abortion] laws.” He said this is at least 5% of the total ministry value (not just the church budget, but the value of volunteer labor, and all the things that go into the ministry) on direct lobbying; this can involve buying yard signs, advertising, holding public rallies and such to encourage others to support legislation. McCaleb said some courts have said it is permissible to go up to 15-20%, but he advised 5% as a completely safe figure. Churches can also financially support the work of groups like the South Dakota Family Policy Council, VoteYesForLife.com and others, as long as reporting procedures are followed.

McCaleb said, “If anybody tells you differently, find out what they are quoting and give me a call. I guarantee you they are wrong. They are spreading misinformation. They are trying to silence the church.”

If a church is acting within what is allowed by law, but a complaint is filed against them for violating the tax code, McCaleb said the Alliance Defense Fund would help defend them at no cost. He said they exist to support Christians doing their work in defense of the Gospel.

You can read the entire article here.

Christians should not allow themselves to be intimidated out of the political process; not by secularists, not by misconceptions about the First Amendment or "church and state" issues, not by misunderstandings about tax law, and not by lies.

Christians have every right to be fully involved in the political process--indeed, they have a duty. If Christians are not fully engaged, they may rest assured that the enemies of Christian values will see their candidates elected and their values instituted into public policy.

Supreme Court Judge Bill Clinton?

This is enough to send a shudder through any American who considers justice and the Constitution important.

From CNN:

That provocative possibility has long been whispered in legal and political circles ever since Sen. Hillary Clinton became a viable candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. Now a respected conservative law professor has openly predicted a future President Clinton would name her husband to the high court if a vacancy occurred.

Pepperdine Law School's Douglas Kmiec said, "The former president would be intrigued by court service and many would cheer him on."

The former president is, I'm sure, "intrigued" by many a skirt, too. Being "intrigued" may be a qualification on the Left, but I don't think most normal Americans would consider it to be.

But inconceiveable in a Hillary Clinton administration? Ah, no.

Family News in Focus 01-03-08


Experts warn United Nations' list of priorities for New Year are laden with agendas that could be harmful to families

Mt. Soledad cross is at center of national debate once again, and this time more than 30 members of Congress are fighting for it to stay

Texas mom gets booted off bus in Fort Worth for reading Bible to her kids

Federal judge ruled that Oregon's domestic partnership law cannot go into effect until review of petition effort to repeal law is complete

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Recommended Reading

Huckabee Supports Homeschoolers

A friend sent me a link to a ThinkAware post about Mike Huckabee and a bloggers call with homeschoolers.

The article says that in 1997 Huckabee supported a program called Smart Start which "greatly increased the freedom of parents to homeschool their children."

It also says that some legislators wanted restrictions on homeschoolers, and a less strict bill with some restrictions ended up being passed as a defensive measure against the stronger bill; this less-strict bill was offered by a homeschooling legislator and was supported by homeschoolers in Arkansas.

Read the whole article here.

So it appears Huckabee is friendly toward homeschoolers.

I still have to wonder, though, since most homeschoolers are conservative, why so many would support a presidential canidate who is liberal on so many issues such as immigration and border control, taxes, national security, abysmal on crime, promotes socialized medicine, believes in global warming, slams business, has the support of the NEA (how many conservatives does the NEA endorse?), and opposed vouchers in his own state?

I can understand that some issues might be so fundamental to some people that a negative mark in that area could cause them to refuse to vote for that candidate (say the abortion issue--which many see as murder). However, is education policy really that fundamental?

And is a good mark on that one issue enough to cause some voters to ignore other candidates with equally good marks in that area--and ignore many negative positions on a number of other issues?

Newly Identified Corporate Supporters of Planned Parenthood Named

FRONT ROYAL, Va., Jan. 3 /Christian Newswire/ -- Life Decisions International (LDI) has released a revised edition of The Boycott List, which identifies corporations that are boycott targets due to their support of Planned Parenthood, the world's primary abortion-advocacy group.

"As a direct result of the commitment, action and prayers of pro-family people, at least 160 corporations have stopped funding Planned Parenthood," said LDI President Douglas R. Scott, Jr. It is estimated that the boycott has cost Planned Parenthood more than $40 million since the Corporate Funding Project (CFP) began nearly 16 years ago. "This should be a testament to those who believe it is impossible to change corporate philanthropic behavior," Scott said. (Full Article)

Family Values Report Card Published for GOP Presidential Candidates

SACRAMENTO, Jan. 2 /Christian Newswire/ -- With seven states holding primaries or caucuses this month and the nominees for the Democratic and Republican parties to be decided on Super Tuesday, February 5, it's high time that conservative voters get the facts on which candidates will defend the natural family -- a father, a mother, and their children.

Campaign for Children and Families, a leading West Coast pro-family organization that researches and advocates for the natural family, is pleased to announce the Report Card on the Natural Family to inform voters where the leading Republican presidential candidates stand on protecting the basic family unit. (Full Article)

The Devil's Bargain: Sweatshops and the American Scheme

By John W. Whitehead

“They hit you…They hit you in the head…To make you work faster.” —Nicaraguan Factory Worker

The so-called season of giving is officially behind us. Even in these sluggish economic times, Americans still managed to spend more than $50 billion in gift-giving. Now that all the gifts have been opened, all that is left is for us to enjoy them.

Yet I can’t help but wonder whether our pleasure would be dimmed were we to truly understand what is involved in bringing these gifts—at the bargain prices Americans love—to our homes? (Full Article)

Gov't Health Care Needs Beds in Free Countries

There's no room for this woman in the Canadian government health care system.

From News1130:

Arlene Meeks has been in a California hospital since December 17th. Her family has been trying to get her transferred back to the Lower Mainland for 2 weeks now but they haven't had any luck.

Stephen Harris with the South Fraser Health Region says the issue is a shortage of ventilated intensive care unit beds, which are highly specialized. He says over the holidays, it's not surprising to see those beds filled up.

I'm no fan of the high medical prices here in the States (which are actually due largely to the high level of government interference in health care that we already have), but if I needed health care, I think I'd take expensive over non-existent.

I've lived under "free" health care. It ain't all it's cracked up to be. In fact, it's nothing it's cracked up to be.

You apostles of socialized medicine in the United States take note: do you want to go to Mexico or Honduras for a hospital bed? Then vote for Hillary.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Huckabee Affirms Homosexual Behavior a Choice

Okay, time to give Mike Huckabee some rare Dakota Voice props.

From the Outside the Beltway blog on Huckabee's appearance on Meet the Press:

MR. RUSSERT: But this is what concerns people. This, this is what you did say about homosexuality: “I feel homosexuality is an aberrant, unnatural and sinful lifestyle.” That’s millions of Americans.

GOV. HUCKABEE: Tim, understand, when a Christian speaks of sin, a Christian says all of us are sinners. I’m a sinner, everybody’s a sinner. What one’s sin is, means it’s missing the mark. It’s missing the bull’s eye, the perfect point. I miss it every day; we all do. The perfection of God is seen in a marriage in which one man, one woman live together as a couple committed to each other as life partners. Now, even married couples don’t do that perfectly, so sin is not some act of equating people with being murderers or rapists…

MR. RUSSERT: But when you say aberrant or unnatural, do you believe you’re born gay or you choose to be gay?

GOV. HUCKABEE: I don’t know whether people are born that way. People who are gay say that they’re born that way. But one thing I know, that the behavior one practices is a choice.

The incredulity from Russert is palpable. Can you imagine it? Just because the Bible says something is wrong, we're to actually believe that it might really be wrong? What a concept! Especially in a country where 80-90% of people claim to be Christian.

Some people say certain people are genetically predisposed to be alcoholics. I don't believe that, but even if it were, human beings still possess the ability to make choices.

I used to be a drunk because I chose to drink to excess. For the past 15 years, I've made the choice not to drink. I've maintained that choice because, unlike an animal, God gave me the ability to think, to reason, to recognize counterproductive behavior, and to change my behavior.

Homosexuals can have the same freedom from their self-destructive behavior, and the Bible says so in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11:

Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were.

Paul is talking to born-again church members here who used to be on the road to hell, as characterized by lifestyles of the listed behaviors. But now, Paul notes that these sinful behaviors were, not are.

Props to Huckabee for recognizing something that used to be common sense. And in this sheep-like politically correct culture, for the courage to say it.

Established Authority

James Dobson Family Minute

Psychologists Dr. James Dobson and Dr. Bill Maier counsel parents to establish authority early in the relationships with their children!

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Family News in Focus 01-02-08

The most important of college Football bowls are all that are left, including one that not based on the teams…but on commitment to God

Gay activists are determined to bend America’s small businesses to their desires during the coming year

God is not welcome in 4-H anymore

Homosexual movement is targeting mega-churches in 2009. An organization called Soul Force is on the point. Joel Osteen's Lakewood church, Rick Warren's Saddleback and Willow Creek are on the hit-list.

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Rush Limbaugh: Huckabee is Not a Conservative

Well, the modern measuring-stick of conservatism has spoken. Rush Limbaugh stated today on his show that Huckabee is not a conservative.

From The Politico:

"Ladies and gentlemen, Gov. Huckabee, mighty fine man and is a great Christian, is not a conservative, he’s just not," Limbaugh said. "If you look at his record as governor, he’s got some conservative tendencies on things but he’s certainly not the most conservative of the candidates running on the Republican side."

What have I been saying for months?

I overheard bits and pieces of Rush's show today. I remember one caller, about 5 minutes before the show was over, who was a Huckabee supporter. The caller insisted Huckabee was conservative on all issues. Rush did a fair job of pointing out that Huckabee isn't, but could have done better.

Here's what I wish Rush had asked the caller:

Did Huckabee condemn legislation to deny driver's licenses to illegal aliens?

Did Huckabee support legislation to provide in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens?

Did Huckabee call efforts to deny such benefits "racist" and "bigoted?

Did Huckabee condemn immigration raids to identify and deport illegal aliens?

Did Huckabee engineer a sweetheart deal to bring a Mexican consulate to Little Rock--the same kind of consulate that issues "matricula consular" ID cards to illegal aliens in the U.S. which gives them the appearance of having entered the U.S. legally?

Did Huckabee say illegal immigration was not really a problem?

Did Huckabee beg the Arkansas legislature to raise taxes on anything?

Does Huckabee want to close Club Gitmo?

Does Huckabee want to make nice with countries that have stabbed us in the back?

Did Huckabee oppose vouchers?

How many conservatives does the NEA endorse, as they have endorsed Huckabee?

Did Huckabee work to release a convicted rapist who then raped and murdered at least one other woman?

Did Huckabee free another rapist and murderer who kidnaped a woman from an Air Force Base, raped, beat and ran over her?

Did Huckabee free a man who murdered a preacher?

Did Huckabee free a 4-time drunk driver?

Did Huckabee grant clemency to more convicted criminals than 5 other neighboring states COMBINED?

Does Huckabee buy into the man-made global warming fantasy?

Does Huckabee support socialized medicine and programs like SCHIP?

Does Huckabee slam business like a Democrat?

Can any of these positions be defined as "conservative?"

The answer to every one of these questions--except the last--is YES. These are NOT the positions of a conservative.

Huckabee has been called a "pro-life, pro-gun liberal" by some. I'm afraid that's about what he is.

As Judge John Jay said, Christians should prefer Christians when it comes time to vote. But implicit in that statement is that the professing Christian candidate should have a worldview consistent with the Bible, not feel-good liberal dogma.

I'm not stupid enough to support a candidate just because he says he's a Christian (Jimmy Carter made the same claim, and look what a disaster that was).

Especially when there is another Christian candidate who is conservative across the board: Duncan Hunter. Hunter isn't as up-front about his Christianity as Huckabee, but I have heard his Christian testimony and he consistently votes in favor of religious rights issues in Congress.

Why support a pro-life, pro-gun liberal when you could support a consistent conservative like Duncan Hunter?

Freedom Watch Afghanistan

The latest from Operation Enduring Freedom showing the activities of American troops in country. Produced by AFN-Afghanistan.

Iraqi Freedom Minute

Focusing on the latest news from Operation Iraqi Freedom. American Forces Network Iraq presents Iraqi Freedom Minute.

Napoli Wants to Boost Teacher Salaries

I'm not sure exactly how it would work, but I think Senator Bill Napoli (R-Rapid City) has a good idea for increasing teacher salaries.

From KELO:

Republican state Senator Bill Napoli says lawmakers shouldn't provide extra money until schools show how the money will go to boost teacher salaries.

As I pointed out in the Rapid City Journal several months ago, the distribution of the education dollar is extremely unbalanced.
U.S. Department of Education statistics say teachers make up only 50.6 percent of elementary and secondary education staff, or about 65 percent if you throw in guidance counselors and aides. If the product is classroom instruction, the remaining 35-49 percent seems like a high ratio of support staff, to me.

Of course you need support staff in any operation. But 35-49%? This ratio indicates a whole lot of wheel-spinning with not nearly enough traction.

As long as you hand the education establishment a pile of money and trust those running the establishment to distribute it wisely, you're going to be disappointed. They'll always find "good" reasons to hire another paper pusher or give themselves a raise before that money makes it into the classroom.

Consider a list from the Argus Leader of the top 12 state employee salaries a few months ago where half of them were in the education field...but none in K-12 and only a couple that might darken the door of a classroom occasionally.

Throwing money at education isn't the answer. If it was, the #1 $14,542 per student that Washington D.C. spends would have them #1 in achievement...instead of 51st.

Senator Napoli is on the right track. If legislators are serious about doing something positive with education spending, they'll find a way to ensure more of our tax dollars make it into the classroom and not stuck in some bureaucrat's office.

Gov't Health Care Asks People to Care for Self

The British National Health Service is looking at a novel idea: asking people to do things for themselves. This will probably cause widespread panic in a culture used to having the government spoon-feed them and wipe their mouths, but it's something that conservatives have been advocating in this country for a long time. It's also what human beings used to do before the advent of socialism.

From the UK Telegraph:

Instead of going to hospital or consulting a doctor, patients will be encouraged to carry out "self care" as the Department of Health (DoH) tries to meet Treasury targets to curb spending.

NHS patients could be expected to administer their own medication

The guidelines could mean people with chronic conditions:

• Monitoring their own heart activity, blood pressure and lung capacity using equipment installed in the home

• Reporting medical information to doctors remotely by telephone or computer

• Administering their own drugs and other treatment to "manage pain" and assessing the significance of changes in their condition

• Using relaxation techniques to relieve stress and avoid "panic" visits to emergency wards.

Imagine that! Not running to the doctor with every little thing, and it could save billions!

This is exactly why we need to avoid (even more) socialized medicine in the United States. Anytime you make something "free," people over-utilize it until the system is so burdened that it can no longer function properly. I saw it when I lived in England for three years, and in the military health care system, which operates under similar principles.

Brits are finally facing the fact that government can't do everything. Will disciples of socialism in this country take note of this lesson?

Some Evolutionists Agree with the Bible

Answers with Ken Ham

Mitochondrial DNA evidence agreed with the Bible

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Recommended Reading

What is a Hate Crime?

Today's Argus Leader talks about a "spike" in "hate crimes" in Sioux Falls.

The article points out that it's probably not a spike in "hate," just a change in the reporting apparatus that makes it look like more.

Regarding "hate crimes" themselves, though: have you ever seen a "love crime?" Have you ever seen someone murder, rape, steal, vandalize, bribe, or threaten a person because they loved them? In practically every case, someone commits a crime against another person because they have disdain toward the rights and humanity of the victim.

The very idea of a "hate crime" is silly.

What's even more serious, though, is that with hate crimes, we bring forth an Orwellian "thought police" where we punish people not for what they've done, but for what they think and feel:

In federal court, if a crime can be proven to be motivated by a bias, it could lead to a stiffer prison sentence, said U.S. Attorney Marty Jackley.

Federal judges have discretionary sentencing guidelines, which allow them to add more time to a defendant's prison term if convicted for a hate crime, he said.

"If we have a hate crime motivation, it can be a three level increase," Jackley said. "But we can't use that in a sex offense case."

Do we really want to start punishing people because of their thoughts and emotions? Do we really want to go down that road?

In any crime classified as a "hate crime," would that have been a crime with our without knowing anything about the perpetrator's motive? The motive is irrelevant, other than in investigating the crime and potentially needing it to tie the perpetrator to the crime.

A murder would be illegal whether the perpetrator "loved" or "hated" or was ambivalent about his victim. An assault would still be illegal whether the perpetrator "loved," "hated," or was ambivalent toward his victim.

"Hate crimes" are simply a way for feel-good liberals to try and regulate attitudes and emotions through the criminal justice system. That, and to provide a way to punish people who speak out about an immoral lifestyle, or don't want to associate with others who live an immoral lifestyle.

Is reducing prejudice a good thing? Of course. But when you start implementing criminal punishments for what a person thinks or feels, you've just slid a LONG way down a very treacherous slope.

Washington Watch Daily

Tony Perkins tells how doctors advised the mother of the latest Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, University of Florida quarterback, to abort him.

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Justice System is Primarily for Public Safety

This video is unpleasant, but this is really what the problem with leaders who are soft on crime is all about. I don't want to see innocent people railroaded any more than anyone else, but when one is found guilty of a violent crime beyond a reasonable doubt (which is the thresh hold for putting them in prison in the first place) we need to leave them there for a long, long time.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Hillary Clinton Shows Her Level of Ability to Handle Foreign Affairs & Policy

"Wait...You Mean Hillary Isn't the Smartest Woman in the World?
Posted by Kim Priestap
Published: Jan 1, 08 03:34 PM

The press focused a lot on Huckabee for misstating the status of Pakistan's state of martial law following the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Twice now, Hillary Clinton made a mistake in an answer to a question about Pakistan. According to the Politico, she said that President Pervez Musharraf was "a 'candidate' who would be 'on the ballot.'" However, as the Politico points out, Musharraf was reelected on October 6th: ..."

(Full article)

I enjoyed this piece and hope you will, too. Maybe Hillary shouldn't be so quick to brag on her knowledge of matters she is obviously not so knowledgeable about.

Duncan Hunter with Roger Hedgecock 12-28-07

A December 28, 2007 Duncan Hunter audio interview with Roger Hedgecock.

Part 1

Part 2

Other than Alan Keyes, this is the only no-doubts-about it, across-the-board conservative in the race. Duncan Hunter is the guy America needs as president.

100% Chance of Global Warming Alarm in 2008

Today's New York Times features a piece by John Tierney predicts you'll see even more hysterical news reports in 2008 about how global warming is about to burn our planet to a cinder...even as the growing body of science is pointing away from the conclusion that man has anything to do with any warming.

Tierney points out the double-standard in the media when it comes to examining the evidence:

Tierney recalls that last year British meteorologists made headlines predicting that the buildup of greenhouse gases would help make 2007 the hottest year on record. At year’s end, however, he writes that "even though the British scientists reported the global temperature average was not a new record — it was actually lower than any year since 2001 — the BBC confidently proclaimed, '2007 Data Confirms Warming Trend.'

"When the Arctic sea ice last year hit the lowest level ever recorded by satellites, it was big news and heralded as a sign that the whole planet was warming. When the Antarctic sea ice last year reached the highest level ever recorded by satellites, it was pretty much ignored. A large part of Antarctica has been cooling recently, but most coverage of that continent has focused on one small part that has warmed."

He cites claims by Global warming theory promoters that 2005's Hurricane Katrina was supposed to be "a harbinger of the stormier world predicted by some climate modelers." To the contrary, he recalls "when the next two hurricane seasons were fairly calm — by some measures, last season in the Northern Hemisphere was the calmest in three decades — the availability entrepreneurs changed the subject. Droughts in California and Australia became the new harbingers of climate change (never mind that a warmer planet is projected to have more, not less, precipitation over all)."

Al Gore's earth-worship religion is full of holes even as his disciples refuse to believe that star in the middle of our solar system might have anything to do with any warming on the planet, or that it might be cyclic, as the evidence indicates.

HT to NewsMax.

Extensive Interview with Huckabee on Education

CNS News has a lengthy and informative interview with Mike Huckabee about education.

Since Huckabee has been endorsed by both the National Education Association (NEA) and many homeschoolers (two groups that are normally like oil and water), exactly where Huckabee comes down on education is particularly interesting.

In the interview, Huckabee gives an answer about the constitutionality of the federal Department of Education that I find a little inconsistent. He at first says "I don't think there is really a federal role or responsibility, constitutionally, in education. I think education is a local function. It should be a state function." But then says that getting rid of the department is "virtually impossible" so we should give it a role consistent with the Constitution.

There is a constitutional role for defense, relations with other nation states, treasury, interstate commerce, etc., so it's easy to justify those departments. However, there is none for education beyond the generic statement in the preamble to "promote the general welfare," which the Founders made clear was to have a very limited application by Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, the 10th Amendment, and further explained in Federalist #45. In addition, here are a couple of quotes from the Founders on the "general welfare" clause:

Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated. - Thomas Jefferson

With respect to the two words 'general welfare,' I have always regarded them as qualified by the detail of powers connected with them. To take them in a literal and unlimited sense would be a metamorphosis of the Constitution into a character which there is a host of proofs was not contemplated by its creators. – James Madison

So if one is truly serious about respecting the Constitution, they would work to make our government look as much like the constitutional outline as possible.

The interview also covers Huckabee's opposition to vouchers, which he seems to say was based more on opposition from Christian schools than his own personal opposition. I do know that some Christian educators don't like the idea of vouchers, since they're afraid of strings that might someday come with them (while I say that if they start putting strings on them, you could always stop taking the vouchers then). However, since Huckabee has tried to cover his tracks on so many things already (such as immigration, his liberal clemency record, etc), I don't know if I believe him on this. I'd need to look more closely at what he's actually said about vouchers in the past, and I don't have that information readily at hand right now.

The interview covers a number of other educational areas of concern to Christians, so I'd recommend reading the whole thing.

Washington Watch Daily, 1-1-08

Perkins encourages prayer in the upcoming year, especially with an important election before us. Issues like marriage and abortion will be affected.

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Ministering to Prisoners' Families

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY – Dr. James Dobson

Prison is a lonely life, both for the inmate and the loved ones who have to get along without him or her. It's a vicious cycle: Absent fathers and mothers create broken homes, and broken homes often lead to even more crime. So how can churches help? Former inmate Manny Mill encourages Christians to reach out to prisoners' families and offers practical suggestions for ministering to this forgotten segment of society.

"I say to prisoners ... 'You have the power in Jesus Christ now to break the cycle of crime.'" - Manny Mill

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Family News in Focus 01-01-08


How do Americans interpret the term “family values” … and does it cut any ice with politicians?

Advertising on a popular classified website extends way past where Christians want to go

There’s a debate in Northern Europe about whether pre-schoolers should become sexually aware while their parents are at the office

Click here to listen

From OnePlace.com

Hillary Clinton a Win for All Women?

By Carrie K. Hutchens

There is even the "thought" (according to a news title) that if Hillary Clinton wins, it is a win for all women in the world? I have some rich farm land in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, too.

Let's get real. Oh no...a Dr. Phil phrase (nearly) slipped out of my keyboard. (Full Article)

Sights and Sounds of the Huckabee Campaign

If elections were about likability, I might be able to get behind Huckabee. He's shown a great sense of humor before, and does again in this clip when the reporter asks him if he'd rather vote for a dishonest Republican than an honest Democrat (he was probably thinking what I was thinking, that an "honest Democrat" is an oxymoron at the national level at least), but instead he told a couple of jokes and moved on.

But the election is about more than likeability. It's about taking the right stand on the issues, and unfortunately Huckabee's fallen woefully short in many areas on the issues.

Could I sit down with him and have an enjoyable chat: sure. But I'm not voting for someone to have pleasant chats with.

The Real Palestinian Objective

Have you ever wondered why it seems the Palestinians don't have the sense to take a deal when it's offered to them, and have the nation they claim they've long wanted?

After all, the UN resolution which created Israel in 1947 also created a Palestinian state...which the Palestinians promptly rejected and thus began the 60 years of Arab-Israeli conflict.

By most accounts, they were also on the verge of a great deal in 2000 when Bill Clinton strong-armed a deal that frankly should have been humiliating for Ehud Barak to make. Why did the Palestinians walk away from that, only to start a new round of bloodshed?

A piece by Hillel Halkin at Commentary Magazine entitled "The Peace Planners Strike Again" may have some answers.

If Halkin is right, and I believe he is, it isn't so much because the Palestinians aren't smart enough to realize a good deal when they see it, but that peace is actually counter to their overall aim:

The Palestinians, after all, know that statehood will never enable them to defeat Israel on the battlefield by themselves; even were they not demilitarized, they can never possess the economic means to match Israel’s military might. What prospect they have of destroying Israel, or of weakening it to the point where additional territory could be wrested from it, would depend on one of two options. The first of these, championed by Hamas, is to resist the temptation of Palestinian independence and preserve the status quo until Israeli-Palestinian disentanglement becomes impossible and a bi-national state emerges whose Arab population with its higher birthrate inevitably becomes a majority.

The second option, preferred by the Palestinian “moderates,” is to choose statehood, however degrading its terms, while seeking to undermine Israel from within and keeping other Arab countries embroiled with it so that they remain military allies. These two ambitions would be related, for the more a growing and disgruntled Arab minority in Israel protests its second-class status, and the more Israel is accused of denying Palestinian refugees their “right of return,” the more the Arab world will go on nourishing hostile feelings toward it. If Israel does not fall by itself, a tiny Palestinian state could then still count on provoking a decisive war into which its Arab neighbors could be dragged when the right time came.

In other words, while the Palestinians would like a state, it is not their primary objective. Their primary objective is the annihilation of Israel. Pursuit of this objective supersedes even their own statehood.

Ambassador John Bolton on North Korea

Ambassador John R. Bolton, author of a new book Surrender is Not an Option, spoke at The Heritage Foundation on December 19, 2007 about the problems facing our national security.

Ambassador John Bolton on Law of the Sea Treaty

Ambassador John R. Bolton, author of a new book Surrender is Not an Option, spoke at The Heritage Foundation on December 19, 2007 about the problems facing our national security.

Ambassador John Bolton on How to Fix the UN

Ambassador John R. Bolton, author of a new book Surrender is Not an Option, spoke at The Heritage Foundation on December 19, 2007 about the problems facing our national security.

Recommended Reading

The Lessons of Margaret Thatcher

The Heritage Foundation has a great piece on Margaret Thatcher, the former British prime minister, and the lessons that can be learned from her.

A number of feminists say that women's political careers have been held back in this country because of sexism, and imply that sexism may hurt Hillary Clinton's chances for president. This is patently false.

Many women's political careers are held back in the United States because so many of the women that run for political office are LIBERAL, often transparently so. And despite the great inroads that liberalism has made in the past 50 years, overall this country still tilts a little right of center.

Margaret Thatcher is a woman I would have no hesitation voting for, were she an American; she'd be better than all but one of the current candidates...and would give that one a run for his money. I served for three years in England when Ronald Reagan was president and Lady Thatcher was Prime Minister. What a pair they made! And what tremendous things she did for England! By the late 1970s, Britain, like America, was faltering under the weight of the liberal policies and societal ideas that came out of the decadent 1960s. Like Reagan did here, Thatcher did much to restore the greatness of Great Britain.

The Heritage piece lists some of her accomplishments:

She smashed the militant mineworkers;

She brought unions back under the rule of law and gave them back to their members by making them accountable;

She conquered inflation;

She turned poor-service loss-making nationalized industries into superior-service profit-making privatized ones;

She stood up to tin-pot Argentinean dictators 8,000 miles away in the Falklands because she believed in the international rule of law, even to the extent of dispatching a task force;

She said NO to Brussels—but not often enough;

She told Bush I not to wobble;

She faced down the IRA despite losing very close friends Airey Neave and Ian Gow and nearly being killed herself;

She sold off public housing;

She took Britain from 19th to second in the OECD; and with President Reagan;

She helped tear down that wall;

The middle classes grew by 17 percentage points or just over half (from 33 percent to 50 percent);

Home ownership grew by 18 percentage points, or just over a third (from 53 percent to 71 percent);

Share-owning more than trebled (7 percent to 23 percent);

Share-owning among trade unionists all but quintupled, to 29 percent (I'll explain how and why later);

Strikes virtually disappeared, and the one place they still take place is the postal service which Margaret Thatcher reportedly refused to privatize because Her Majesty The Queen, Queen Elizabeth II would have been upset at not having her likeness on every stamp;

The percent of workers who are self-employed doubled, to 14 percent

A summary of the ten lessons we can learn from Lady Thatcher:

1. A strong political and moral compass

2. Cut through the nonsense, get to the heart of the matter and communicate it

3. She listened...but in the end she led

4. She championed policies that took human nature into consideration, without trying to make human nature into something it's not

5. She planned ahead, strategically

6. She surrounded herself with smart, dedicated people

7. She took advantage of circumstances

8. She partnered with the best--Ronald Reagan

9. She took time to prepare

10. She tackled problems one slice at a time.

I've read many books on Ronald Reagan and his leadership style. He shared many of these same traits; no wonder they worked so well together.

If an American woman ran for president with many of the qualities and values of Margaret Thatcher, she would enjoy widespread support, instead of the high negative numbers Hillary has (many Democrats support her only because they don't want to see a Republican in the White House).

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