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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bill Connor Was an Exception

This ad was in the Rapid City Journal today.

Bill Connor, who died recently, was from the Dell Rapids area in eastern South Dakota.

Bill was conceived in rape, and despite what some people think about this, his mother loved him, and he went on to have a wonderful life.

I interviewed Bill in 2006 and he strongly supported Referred Law 6 which did not contain an exception for rape abortions. As you might imagine, Bill understood that the child conceived even in the terrible crime of rape was still a human being with the same human dignity and inestimable value as any other child.

But Bill also supported Initiated Measure 11, which does have an exception for rape. You see, he recognized that while IM 11 isn't a perfect bill--in that it doesn't recognize the humanity of all children--it can save most of the 700+ children being killed every year in South Dakota.

Click this image to enlarge, and read Bill's thoughts on IM 11 below.


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