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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Keith Olbermann Unfiltered on SNL

What's going on with the folks at Saturday night live? They've actually done skits for several weeks in a row now that have contained some pretty shocking candor about liberals.

Did SNL get hit in the face with a bucket of reality when they got the best ratings in years when Sarah Palin came on the show?

This is a hilarious skit of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, the ultra-ultra-ultra liberal "newsman" who considers most Republicans worse than Stalin or Hitler.


Haggs said...

Actually, SNL has no problem going after liberals or conservatives. It's just that conservatives like President Bush usually give them tons more material to work with. But Democrats like Joe Biden have been strangely funny this campaign season. I'm glad they're looking at the silly things Democrats have been doing instead of just all the silly things Republicans have been doing (and Republicans have been doing a LOT of silly things this election).

Bob, what did you think of McCain's appearance on SNL? I thought both his skits were hilarious. That's the McCain I remember and might have voted for. But instead all I saw was Mr. Super Conservative Guy and I wasn't interested in voting for that guy.

Bob Ellis said...

Yes, and nothing the libs has done has been funny be cause it's all been politically correct and orthodox.

Sorry, didn't see McCain's appearance. I have a hard time imagining anything involving McCain could be funny.

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