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Saturday, November 08, 2008

More Petty Bitterness from Stan Adelstein

Stan Adelstein never lets you down, does he? That is, if you're looking for a small, bitter person who's very stuck on himself.

Tom Lawrence of the Rapid City Weekly News says a couple of weeks ago the paper wanted take a photo of the three candidates for Dist. 32 senate for the front page of the paper: incumbent Democrat Tom Katus, Independent Elli Schwiesow and Republican Stan Adelstein.

But one of the trio doesn't work and play well with others.

Elli was the first one I asked and she quickly said yes. Tom also agreed, with a wry smile and a joke about he and Stan being “two thorns next to a rose” when they posed with Elli.

Stan liked the idea but chose not to be in the picture. “It’s good journalism but bad politics,” he said.

We were stuck without Stan. They’re a set -- you can’t have two without the third.

Yes, I'm sure it's "bad politics." More likely that he despises Elli Schwiesow so badly that he not only threw her out of Republican HQ (a building he owns but leased to the GOP) this summer, but can't stand to be in a picture with her.

No wonder Adelstein is thought of by other legislators as a "cancer" in the Republican caucus.

What a pity that by less than 200 votes, the people of Dist. 32 chose this man over someone who far better represents Republican values and is probably the nicest person you'll ever meet: Elli Schwiesow.


Anonymous said...

According to the RCJ article; When Katus asked Adelstein to "reach out" to all, even to those that voted for Eli, Adelstein reponded,, they did not respond to me...

I may be wrong, but that sounded vindictive to me, I hope I am wrong.

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