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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Big Crime: Mentioning Jesus at Public Function

"Colorado Student Files Lawsuit Over Commencement Speech That Mentioned Jesus

Friday, August 31, 2007

DENVER — A student who said she was told she wouldn't get her diploma unless she apologized for a commencement speech in which she mentioned Jesus has filed a lawsuit alleging her free speech rights were violated."

This is going to be an interesting case to follow.

Florida: The Land of Questionable Justice

"Convicted by a sleeping jury

by Mark Yannone
August 24, 2007

During the closing arguments of the prosecution of Florida citizen Nancy Grant, the assistant prosecutor told the jury, "if someone is telling another person about their civil rights, they are practicing law without a license."

This is the state that allowed a judge to sentence an innocent woman -- Terri Schiavo -- to death by starvation and dehydration.

This is the state that is investigating a judge -- Judge Cliff Barnes -- because "he" filed a complaint alleging inmates were not processed according to the law. (Guess his allegations support Nancy Grant's as for inmates not going to trial in a timely fashion.)

Now, the state is saying that a woman -- Nancy Grant -- can't inform others what their civil rights are, or she is practicing law without a license? Wonder what they are so worried about? They haven't been violating people's civil rights down there in Florida, now have they?

No More Doubt: China Intent on Win

China's Influence Spreads Around World

By WILLIAM FOREMAN (Associated Press Writer)
From Associated Press
September 01, 2007 3:48 PM EDT

KARRATHA, Australia - For nearly three decades, Chinese peasants have left their villages for crowded dormitories and sweaty assembly lines, churning out goods for world markets. Now, China is turning the tables.

Here in the Australian Outback, Shane Padley toils in the scorching heat, 2,000 miles from his home, to build an extension to a liquefied natural gas plant that feeds China's ravenous hunger for energy.

Foreman also writes:

The Chinese don't want war - the Chinese just want to trade their way to power," said David Zweig, a professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. "In the past, if a state wanted to expand, it had to take territory. You don't need to grab colonies any more. You just need to have competitive goods to trade."

If China stays on the same economic track, it would become the world's largest economy in 2027, surpassing the United States, according to projections by Goldman, Sachs & Co., a Wall Street investment bank. And unlike Japan, which rose in the 1980s only to fade again, China still has a huge pool of workers to tap and an emerging middle class that is just starting to reach critical mass. Many development economists believe China still has 20 years of fairly high growth ahead.

But the transition to a larger presence on the global stage comes with growing pains, for China and the rest of the world."

Looks like the Sci-Fi movie "Rollerball" is getting closer to being labeled a documentary.

When will we wise up and take steps to protect our own citizens and their future?

Media Double Standard Confronted on NBC

From the Media Research Center, Tom DeLay calls Matt Lauer on the carpet for the media's double-standard on scandals (in case you've been on Mars, it's how liberal scandals quickly fade from view--if they show up in the media at all--while conservative ones face a never-ending drum beat):

After Lauer recited a list of Republican scandals, the former House Majority Leader exclaimed: "The double standard in the media is amazing. The feeding frenzy, the sharks in the water that's going on right now because of a Republican. Where is the frenzy on Alan Mollohan from West Virginia or William Jefferson from Louisiana?" Lauer insisted "there was an awful lot of coverage of William Jefferson when that story broke," but DeLay countered: "Yeah, for just a couple of days and then we went on." When DeLay repeated how there's a "double standard in the media," an appalled Lauer fired back: "I'm not going to let it end with that assumption, Congressman, because I clearly don't agree with it." DeLay retorted: "You exhibited it, Matt!"

Media bias needs to be confronted to it's face at all times. Conservatives and Republicans are too nice about it; the media's never going to be the buddy of conservatives, so they have nothing to lose by rubbing the media's noses in the truth.

The Leftist media needs to realize denial's not just a river in Egypt.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Study: No Benefit from Early Education Programs

From LifeSite.net:

A six year comparison of almost 35,000 children has shown that there has been no change in developmental levels of pupils entering primary school in this period, despite the introduction of several new early years' initiatives over the past decade, new research from Durham University's Curriculum, Evaluation and Management (CEM) Centre reveals.

The article also cites research finding that daycare adversely affects the brain chemisry of small children, early education initiatives lead to aggression, and other developmental problems.

A loving mother and father just can't be replaced.

Representing a Daddy's Love

To raise money for the fight to bring Baby Max home , I think Gary Stocklaufer ought to auction off a piece (or two) of clothing that is outgrowing him! Clothing (now too big) that represents the length's that a Daddy will go to for the love of a child!

What do you think about fund raising projects?

As the Court System Turns

Judge finds Duke prosecutor in contempt

By AARON BEARD, Associated Press Writer 2 minutes ago

DURHAM, N.C. - Mike Nifong, the disgraced former Durham County district attorney, was held in criminal contempt of court Friday for lying to a judge when pursuing rape charges against three falsely accused Duke University lacrosse players.

Superior Court Judge W. Osmond Smith III sentenced Nifong, who has already been stripped of his law license and has resigned from office, to a single day in jail. He had faced as many as 30 days in jail and a fine as high as $500.

"If what I impose with regard to Mr. Nifong would make things better or different for what's already happened, I don't know what it would be or how I could do it," Smith said.

Reading his contempt decision from the bench minutes after the conclusion of two days of testimony, Smith said Nifong "willfully made false statements" to the court in September when he insisted he had given defense attorneys all results from a critical DNA test."

How many others have "willfully made false statements" to get wrongful convictions?

Where's Mama?

Carey Roberts has an interesting piece on women and "equal rights" at ifeminists.com.

He asks if it's time to scale back the "pedestal," i.e. the pedestal upon which civilized men have always placed women in some fashion or another.

Roberts makes the case that when the radical Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was shot down back in the 70s, feminists learned from the one who defeated them. Roberts credits the death of the ERA with Phyllis Schlafly's essay which asked, "Why should we lower ourselves to 'equal rights' when we already have the status of special privilege?"

After the defeat of the ERA, Roberts says feminists exploited "the pedestal" tendency, making the pedestal higher and wider by obtaining a number of legislative victories which were specific to women.

And as Roberts' column points out, children are the greatest losers in this "battle of the sexes." Good women are made to feel as if being a mother and homemaker are worthless, second-class vocations, and men are made to feel unnecessary. Meanwhile, children (which are the natural product of a marital union) get about as much consideration as the family dog. (Actually dogs usually get to stay in familiar surroundings all day, where many children are shuffled off to daycare for 8+ hours a day.)

It's only in uncivilized cultures (unChristian?) where women have it bad (Islam?), being treated as bad or worse than dogs.

In traditional Christian cultures, women tend to receive most if not all of the rights men do, but receive deference that men (tough guys) don't enjoy.

It has often been said, and I believe it's true, that if husbands and wives truly understood their privileges and carried out their Biblical responsibilities, there would be no need for either sex to feel unappreciated.

In the end, though, there is an eternal truth that transcends all others in this regard. Having been a son and a husband, I can attest to the deep truth of the old saying: "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

HT to Free Republic.

Quote of the Week

From the West Central Tribune, here's what what police Sergeant Dave Karsnia said at the end of his arresting interview of Senator Larry Craig:

"Embarrassing. Embarrassing. No wonder why we're going down the tubes."

Yes. The Democrat Party as an entity doesn't even profess or promote or say anything positive about acting morally. So if the other major party, which does at least pay verbal homage to morality, is filled with Craig's and Foley's, it's no wonder Sgt. Karsnia doesn't wonder.

Cabela's Campaign

As noted by the South Dakota War College this morning, the Cabela's deal remains a central issue in Rapid City.

While TIFs are a key part of the current debate, it's the land giveaway part of the deal that sticks in many people's craw (and the Visitor Information Center move, though that appears to have gone away with Cabela's statement that the VIC can stay where it is).

As the September 18 vote comes up, both sides are working to get their info out. There will be a forum on the subject at 5:30 pm on Monday, Sept 10 at the Alpine Ponderosa Room at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

And yesterday, I received the mailer below from Cabela's.

Iowa Judge Legislates from the Bench

Polk County Judge Robert Hanson has freed the citizens of Iowa from the confines of silly things like laws and has issued his imperial decree allowing homosexuals to claim they have "married" one another.

From the Des Moines Register:

Johnson argued that Iowa has a long history of aggressively protecting civil rights in cases of race and gender. He said the Defense of Marriage Act, which the Legislature passed in 1998, contradicts previous court rulings regarding civil rights and should be struck down.

Johnson called the Defense of Marriage law "mean spirited" and said it was designed only to prohibit gays from marrying. He said it violates t he state constitution's equal protection and due-process clauses.

Since this judge didn't cite anything specific making the DOMA unconstitutional, it pretty much amounts to "It's unconstitutional because I say it is."

The decision is being appealed to the Iowa Supreme Court, but in the meantime, two homosexuals and an apostate "minister" couldn't wait to muddy the waters even further, claiming to have taken part in a "marriage" as reported by KOTA.

This is why it was so important for South Dakota last year to go beyond our DOMA and pass an amendment to our state constitution, spelling out what everyone used to have the good sense to recognize on their own: that marriage can only take place between a man and a woman.

'Poverty' in the United States

While there are a few people in the United States who are actually genuinely poor--and a fewer still who are poor through no fault of their own(i.e. not because of addictive behaviors or poor financial behavior)--the National Center for Policy Analysis sheds the light of truth on poverty in America, telling you what the poverty-pimps don't want you to know:

- Some 43 percent of all poor households actually own their own homes; the average home owned by persons classified as poor by the Census Bureau is a three-bedroom house with one-and-a-half baths, a garage, and a porch or patio.

- Some 80 percent of poor households have air conditioning; by contrast, in 1970, only 36 percent of the entire U.S. population enjoyed air conditioning.

- Only 6 percent of poor households are overcrowded; two-thirds have more than two rooms per person.

- Nearly three-quarters of poor households own a car; 31 percent own two or more cars.

- Some 97 percent of poor households have a color television; over half own two or more color televisions.

-Some 78 percent have a VCR or DVD player; 62 percent have cable or satellite TV reception.

-Some 89 percent own microwave ovens, more than half have a stereo, and a more than a third have an automatic dishwasher.

I've seen genuine poverty in some other countries, and almost exclusively, what we have here in the United States doesn't hold a candle to the suffering going on in countries where government corruption, oppression and socialism are a way of life.

A lot of poor people around the world would give their right arm to enjoy the American brand of poverty.

Pushing Small Vehicles in an SUV

The Politico reveals still more eco-hypocrisy from the Left.

This time it's John Edwards who tells average Americans they need to sacrifice their gas-hungry SUVs, then leaves to climb into his Cadillac SRX Crossover which gets 15 MPG.

Maybe it's just a sin problem, and though Lefties believe we should all ride around on bicycles, they just can't overcome the temptation to drive in a comfy SUV.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reeling from the Eye of the Beholder

The headline at Breitbart.com is "GOP Reeling From Money and Sex Scandals."

Why is that a newsworthy headline when there are plenty of sex and money scandals on the Democrat side of the house (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10,11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, etc.)? Why do you never see the headline: "Democrats Reeling from Sex and Money Scandals"? I think we all know it's not for lack of sex and money hanky panky on the Left.

Could it be because the "mainstream" media does such a good job of keeping Democrat scandals buried, while it broadcasts the slightest allegation toward Republicans like a flashing neon sign? Yeah, the stories about Democrats do manage to break out briefly, but they quickly manage to fall off the radar screen, while the media keeps thumping the Republican scandals around like a never-ending tennis match.

Could it be that people just expect that kind of behavior from Democrats, so it's not newsworthy?

Study: Morning News Pushes Democrat Candidates

According to CNS News, a new study by the Media Research Center finds that (sit down, I know it'll be shocking) the network morning shows are selling Democrat candidates to the viewers.

The study found that 55 percent of campaign stories on ABC's Good Morning America , CBS's The Early Show and NBC's Today focused on Democratic candidates while only 29 percent focused on Republicans. The remaining 16 percent were classified as "mixed/independent."

The morning shows aired 61 stories focused exclusively on Sen. Hillary Clinton, 44 stories on former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards, and 41 stories on Sen. Barack Obama, all of whom are seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. Former Vice President Al Gore, who is not officially running, was the subject of 29 stories.

Republican candidates received less attention, according to the study. Sen. John McCain was the focus of 31 stories. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was the focus of 26 stories and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney was the focus of 19 stories.

The report also says interview questions are framed from a liberal perspective (e.g. "What will you do to help the poor and uninsured in America?") most of the time.

A Message from Cynthia Stocklaufer

Just wanted to give you a quick update. Gary had surgery on Friday. He is now home and doing well. Now we have one more family member to get home and that is Baby Max. We are praying that the courts will grant us a rehearing soon. Everyday he is not here is another day we can never get back. I'm sure he is growing and learning new things. We miss him so very much. Bobby dreams about him on a regular basis and questions me about when can he see his brother. When will the judge let his brother come home? He misses him. It is heartbreaking. I have to remind him that God gives us free will and sometimes people really mess it up. Bobby told his Daddy (Gary) that he was letting him have surgery only so the judge would let his Brother come home. But he doesn't want him to lose too much, he wants him to stay the same because he loves him. We are wearing baby blue ribbons until Baby Max comes home. We will continue on this journey knowing God will bring Max home.
Cynthia Stocklaufer
Cynthia (the wife of Gary Stocklaufer) also shared her true appreciation when she wrote...
Dr. Barker and Renassaince Hospital in Dallas are the ones who donated the surgery. They were wonderful to the entire family. The entire staff is top notch and truly care about the patient.

Craig's Faux Apologists Encourage Lowest Denominator

While some are predictably making the most politically of Senator Larry Craig's arrest for soliciting homosexual acts, others are just as predictably using it as a vehicle to further legitimize an immoral and unhealthy lifestyle.


They view his case as a prime example of hypocrisy — a man who furtively engaged in same-sex liaisons while consistently opposing gay-rights measures as a politician.

“He may very well not think of himself as being gay, and these are just urges that he has,” said Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. “It’s the tragedy of homophobia. People create these walls that separate themselves from who they really are.”

While it may be a case of hypocrisy, maybe it's also a case of a man who knows right from wrong, doesn't try to deny that homosexual behavior is wrong...but at the same time has a hard time with the temptation of this sin (do you have a hard time with anger, gossip, jealousy, envy, cursing, lying, gambling, drinking, etc.?).

Craig may be acting hypocritically...or maybe he's trying to do the right thing in his job, but has difficulty fighting the temptation personally. If anything, he probably knows more than many the pitfalls of homosexual behavior...and why society shouldn't be encouraging people to engage in it.

If you're a parent, I'm sure you'll understand this scenario: have you ever told your child not to do a certain thing, only to find yourself doing that same thing at some point? Does that mean you should tell little Johnny: "Johnny, I've been hypocritical. You should just go ahead and be yourself and use profanity. If you feel the need to lie to me, then you have to go with what feels right for you. If you feel the urge to sniff glue or take drugs, then you need to be yourself. For that matter, Johnny, when you get the urge to pull a cat's tail or even set it on fire, you just need to be yourself. Don't deny who you are."

Now does that make sense? So why does it make sense when homosexual activists say people should just give in to their lusts and do whatever strikes them as exciting?

Animals act on their impulses; they have no mind with which to think, reason, and make informed choices, and they have no eternal soul that's accountable to a Higher Authority. People have none of these excuses. Yes, we all fail; we're all fallen sinners, after all. But we all have the responsibility to strive to do the right thing.

And if we truly loved those around us, we'd encourage them toward the better choice, the higher road, instead of patting them on the back and encouraging them to wallow in the mire of base human lusts with the excuse of "just be yourself."

Iraq WMDs Found...In UN HQ

From Reuters today:

United Nations officials found vials of dangerous chemicals, which had been removed from Iraq a decade ago, in a U.N. building in New York, but U.N. officials said on Thursday there was no danger.

The FBI was called in to help remove the substances.

Saddam had WMDs a decade ago...but he refused to give weapons inspectors proper access because he was such a good boy.

Illegals Busted in Ohio

This is how you do it: you make the effort. We'll never get the millions of illegals deported if we don't start somewhere...and finally we're starting.

From Reuters:

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said more than 160 employees were arrested at a Koch Foods Inc. chicken plant in Fairfield, Ohio, on Tuesday as part of a criminal operation against illegal immigrants employed at the plant.

Now if they'll actually deport the illegal immigrants. Catch-and-release may be fun when you're fishing, but not when you're enforcing the nation's laws and protecting our security.

Kill a Tree, Save the Planet

Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of GreenPeace, says in an op/ed for the Vancouver Sun that we should put science before Hollywood hype. He's specifically referring to Leonardo DiCaprio's "The 11th Hour," the latest science fiction movie trying to pass itself off as a documentary.

Moore debunks a number of myths embraced by the tree huggers:

North Americans are the world's largest per-capita wood consumers and yet our forests cover approximately the same area of land as they did 100 years ago. According to the United Nations, our forests have expanded nearly 100 million acres over the past decade.

There is a misconception that cutting down an old tree will result in a net release of carbon. Yet wooden furniture made in the Elizabethan era still holds the carbon fixed hundreds of years ago.

Berman, a veteran of the forestry protest movement, should by now have learned that young forests outperform old growth in carbon sequestration.

Although old trees contain huge amounts of carbon, their rate of sequestration has slowed to a near halt. A young tree, although it contains little fixed carbon, pulls CO2 from the atmosphere at a much faster rate.

And here's one in support of smart forest management and the timber industry:
When a tree rots or burns, the carbon contained in the wood is released back to the atmosphere. Since combustion releases carbon, active forest management -- such as removing dead trees and clearing debris from the forest floor -- will be imperative in reducing the number and intensity of fires.

In fact, Moore says we should be using MORE wood products and not less.

I don't believe there's anything humanity can do in the natural course of our daily actions to affect climate on the scale claimed by Al Gore and his disciples, but Moore's interjection of science over scare is welcome.

Mention Your Faith = Lose Your Diploma

How sad that so many who are in charge of teaching our children haven't the slightest clue what the United States Constitution, the highest law of our country, says.

From LifeSite.net:

Before graduation in May 2006, Principal Mark Brewer informed the valedictorians that they could choose one student to speak, or that all of them could deliver a 30-second graduation message. The students chose to have all fifteen valedictorians participate and chose a general topic for each speaker. Erica and one other student were chosen to give concluding messages. Each valedictorian orally presented a proposed speech to the principal before graduation.

During her 30-second message Erica spoke about her faith in Jesus Christ. Afterwards, she was escorted to see the assistant principal, who said she would not receive her diploma because of the speech she had given. Principal Brewer later indicated that her comments were "immature." He said that she could only receive her diploma if she apologized to the school community.

Tell me, how does this high school student who is not a government employee speaking for 30 seconds of her own free will about her faith in Jesus Christ constitute "Congress [making a] law respecting an establishment of religion?"

Re-hearing Denied in Missouri Adoption Case

By Carrie K. Hutchens

I was reading an article today that suggested that the guardian ad litem has filed motions blocking the adoptive efforts in the Stocklaufer - Baby Max case. I also read that the judge isn't allowing a new hearing. Is this all true? If so, then the question "WHY?" becomes one that all citizens should be asking. I mean, it isn't as though it can be traumatic to Baby Max, because he won't be testifying or even aware of what is transpiring. So what can possibly be a legit reason to deny Gary & Cynthia Stocklaufer an appeal to the original decision? (Full Article)


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Cloud in Every Silver Lining

Drop in poverty: bad, bad news.

From the Media Research Center:

Though the AP headlined its story, "U.S. poverty rate declines significantly," NBC anchor Brian Williams reported it dropped "a bit" and CBS anchor Katie Couric relayed how "the poverty rate is down slightly." And while most of those in poverty manage to have many comforts of life, from good-sized homes to cars, Couric insisted poverty level income is "hardly enough for food and housing, much less other items like health insurance."

Know that when a Republican is in the White House, the "mainstream" media will always find a cloud in every silver lining.

Tobacco Tax Not Deterring Smokers

Surprising to many, higher tobacco taxes aren't stopping low income smokers from lighting up.

From KOTA:

The study shows that increased taxes on tobacco through a 20-year span hasn't changed habits.

Overall between 1984 and 2004, smoking declined but not among low-income people.

The proportion of low-income smokers before 1998 was 28%, after that, 29%.

The study also shows the proportion of high-income smokers was 24% before 1998 and 22% after.

If low income folks can find enough money to smoke (when brand name smokes are $30-$40 a carton), why do socialists insist they need a minimum wage increase? To buy more smokes?

Craig's List Getting Longer

From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, an Idaho Republican, pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in Minnesota this month after being arrested by a plainclothes police officer investigating complaints of lewd conduct in a men's restroom at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Could this be why, since the "Republican Revolution" in 1994, conservatives have made pitiful gains in turning back the liberalism, socialism, relativity and immorality foisted upon society?

Maybe the Republican Party we thought represented conservative values was full of pretenders? Maybe the Republican Party we thought believed in it's own stated values and platform was actually full of charlatans?

None of us are perfect and none of us are without sin. Further, the moral failures of some men who espouse conservative, moral values is not a repudiation of those values, as the Left would have us believe, but is only a statement of the failure of that individual. (After all, I condemn profanity, but sometimes when I get mad I say things I wouldn't want my pastor to hear.)

But the list of Foley's and Craig's is starting to get long, and one has to wonder if there are enough elected Republicans who will hold themselves to a higher standard for conservatism to make any progress.

Phanton Global Warming Consensus

Remember how Prophet of Doom Al Gore said there was complete concensus on global warming, that the science was in and the science was settled?

Well, uh uh.

The Daily Tech finds less than half of published scientists endorse anthropogenic global warming:

Of 528 total papers on climate change, only 38 (7%) gave an explicit endorsement of the consensus. If one considers "implicit" endorsement (accepting the consensus without explicit statement), the figure rises to 45%. However, while only 32 papers (6%) reject the consensus outright, the largest category (48%) are neutral papers, refusing to either accept or reject the hypothesis. This is no "consensus."

The figures are even more shocking when one remembers the watered-down definition of consensus here. Not only does it not require supporting that man is the "primary" cause of warming, but it doesn't require any belief or support for "catastrophic" global warming. In fact of all papers published in this period (2004 to February 2007), only a single one makes any reference to climate change leading to catastrophic results.

As usual, it just doesn't look like reality is on Al Gore's side.

Mandatory Gun Training and Drawing Contests

The insane freedom hating liberals with gun allergies need to understand that
guns are vital for their Liberty. It is very wrong to kick kids out of school
for drawing pictures of guns if they pose no threat to anyone.

Guns are wonderful for order keeping, Freedom fighting; and food providing and every child needs to understand how they work and how to use them safely.

Gun training along with aggressive Christ-centered, "Sanctity of Life" curriculum will result in more safety in society and more respect for God and each other. This will result in less violence and selfishness.

I also propose a National Gun Design and Drawing Contest for children of all ages.

Long live the 2nd ammendment and the Manly desire to defend home and country.

Take a child shooting or hunting this week.

God Bless America;

Protecting Marriage from Never-Ending Attacks

There was a lot of angst from homosexuals and their "useful idiots" last year over the South Dakota marriage amendment (Amendment C), especially why it had that second sentence prohibiting "quasi marital relationship[s]."

That language was included so as to prevent future and fresh attacks on marriage that used as-of-yet unthought of terms for things that imitate marriage (e.g. civil unions, domestic partnerships, etc.). (They knew darn well what "quasi marital" meant, which was why they derided the term so much.)

Now California gives us a fresh lesson in why it was so important to spell out the intention to protect marriage from counterfeiting, and plug any potential loopholes.

The recent statements by California governor Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown that the term "marriage" is obsolete in California have highlighted that and other attempts to get around the will of the people in their lust to obliterate marriage and family as we know it:

Californians voted in 2000 on Proposition 22, which reads, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California," approving it by a significant margin.

However, the Democrat-controlled Legislature gradually has created "same-sex marriage by another name" by legislatively granting the rights of marriage to same-sex duos.

Then in 2005, the California courts said Proposition 22 protected only the word "marriage" but not the rights of marriage. The decision said Proposition 22 did not specifically protect marriage rights, so lawmakers could award the rights of marriage to homosexual partners.

"Because the plain, unambiguous language of Proposition 22 is concerned only with who is entitled to obtain the status of marriage, and not with the rights and obligations associated with marriage, (state law) does not add to, or take away from, Proposition 22," the court said.

Unfortunately, these folks will twist any language they can get their hands around to demolish marriage in their quest to legitimize homosexual behavior. Judicial oligarchs perverted a law to protect marriage into meaning nothing at all.

Defenders of marriage and family will have to be tireless and shrewd in order to win this lengthy battle...but the fight is worth it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

US Has Most Heavily Armed Citizens

Let freedom ring, baby!

From Reuters:

The United States has 90 guns for every 100 citizens, making it the most heavily armed society in the world, a report released on Tuesday said.

U.S. citizens own 270 million of the world's 875 million known firearms, according to the Small Arms Survey 2007 by the Geneva-based Graduate Institute of International Studies.

About 4.5 million of the 8 million new guns manufactured worldwide each year are purchased in the United States, it said.

Now if we just had the morality that we once did to ensure they were used legitimately all the time.

Morning After Pill Popular

Apparently spontenaety and poor planning are the way to go these days.

According to KELO, Planned Parenthood says it's given out the "morning after" pill to 1,200 women in the last year.

If there are that many rapes in Sioux Falls, we've got serious problems, so there must be a whole lot of sex going on without any thought of being responsible before the fact.

And since it can cause the abortion of a fertilized human embryo, how many children have been aborted out of that 1,200?

Documentary Links Darwin, Hitler

From WorldNetDaily:

Charles Darwin should share with Adolph Hitler the blame for the 11 million or more lives lost in the Holocaust, a provocative video documentary explains. And, the program says, the more than 45 million American lives lost to abortion also can be blamed on that famous founder of evolutionary theory.

The results of Darwin’s theories?

Titled "Darwin’s Deadly Legacy," the stunning documentary shows that Darwinian theory, "which is scientifically bankrupt, has probably been responsible for more bloodshed than anything else in the history of humanity," Jerry Newcomb, one of the program's two co-producers, told WorldNetDaily.

Before the advent of Darwinian beliefs, said Newcombe, the Western world's basic concept was that man was made in the image of God, and was therefore valuable. But Darwin changed all that.

"Karl Marx wouldn’t embrace all (Darwin’s) tenets, but said, 'This is a scientific theory on which we can base our theory of man,'" Newcomb told WND.

Can anyone tell me why there is NOT a logical link between Darwinism and Hitler's ethnic cleansing?

Celebrity is Safe

Beyonce Unhurt After Stray Bullet Miraculously Hits Passerby Instead

(There's just enough of this kind of narrow focus in pop media to make this--sadly--funny. And because of that, I should clarify that this is a spoof video.)

California Goes Nuclear on Marriage

This is perhaps the most chilling and overt attempt to annihilate marriage that I've seen yet--and a Republican governor is in the middle of it.

From CNS News:

In legal briefs submitted to the California Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown both stated that a future legislature could abolish marriage and remove the rights now enjoyed by a husband and wife, a pro-family group charged on Monday.

In Brown's document, filed on Aug. 17, the attorney general stated that "the words 'marry' and 'marriage' have no essential constitutional significance under the California Constitution. Thus, the legislature could change the name of the legal relationship now known as 'marriage' to some other name without any constitutional impediment."

Schwarzenegger filed a brief of his own that day, which said "the administration submits that use of the words 'marry' and 'marriage' is not required by the California Constitution. Thus, the name of the legal relationship now known as 'marriage' could be changed."

Apparently some in our country are dead-set on destroying the basic foundation of the family, and all societal stability.

We're in real trouble, folks.

California Lawmakers Reject Assisted Suicide Bill

by Janice Sanford
Assisted Suicide by Any Other Name is still assisted suicide.....

On February 15, 2007, Assembly members Patty Berg and Lloyd Levine introduced AB 374, a bill to legalize assisted suicide in California.

AB 374 California Compassionate Choice Act is virtually identical to AB 654/AB 651, the legislation that failed in the 2005-2006 session. AB 374 would have made it legal for a physician to prescribe lethal drugs to a person, diagnosed with a terminal disease, who had six months or less to live.

[In 2000, Terri Schiavo was placed in Woodside Hospice. A place where people go when they have been diagnosed as having six months or less to live. Terri was there for five years. She was not in the process of actively dying until pro-death individuals gave her "aid in dying."

Sanford also says...

"If the bill had passed, the phrase "aid in dying" would have replaced the phrases "assisted suicide" "Mercy Killing" and "homicide."

Mercy Killing- The intentional termination of the life of one human being by another.

Voluntary active euthanasia or VAE - the intentional termination of life at the patient's request by someone other than the patient.

The authors of AB 374 apparently feel that by replacing the phrase "physician assisted suicide" with "aid in dying" that it will change the fact that the physician intentionally helped another person commit suicide."

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Yep, those play on words actually change nothing! It is what it is!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Gary Stocklaufer: A Definition of a Father's Love

Man Ready For Foster Kid After Weight Loss Surgery

Tiani Jones
CBS11TV (Aug 26, 2007 4:43 pm US/Central)

(CBS 11 News) DALLAS A judge said he was too overweight to be a father. But thanks to a Dallas hospital, a Missouri dad is on his way to being half the man he is now.

When Gary Stocklaufer goes back to court, he'll be a couple hundred pounds lighter, and he believes that should be enough to bring his foster son home.

"They have no excuse," said Stocklaufer. "In two and a half months, loosing 83 pounds on my own, that's pretty good; that's determination."

The determination has to do with a 4-month-old little boy nicknamed Baby Max.

With the help of gastric bypass surgery, Stocklaufer will more than likely drop another 100 pounds in the next month.

(Read the rest of the report)
I believe this says it all!

Soft Underbelly of Education Spending

Well, the Argus Leader now has it's list of state employee salaries that it wanted so bad, salaries that were already available upon request, I might add.

So what does it tell us?

1. $370,992. Matthew Clark, state investment officer, South Dakota Investment Council
2. $365,000. Rodney R. Parry, dean and professor, Sanford School of Medicine
3. $302,000. Robert Perry, executive director, Board of Regents
4-5. $300,000. James Abbott, president, University of South Dakota
$300,000. David Chicoine, president, South Dakota State University
6. $287,600. Charles Ruch, president, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
7. $251,831. Anthony M. Gerdes III, professor and director of the cardiovascular research institute, Sanford School of Medicine
8-12. $247,217. Hartley Alsgaard, psychiatrist, Department of Human Services
$247,217. Steven Cochran, psychiatrist, Department of Human Services
$247,217. Maged Estafan, psychiatrist, Department of Human Services
$247,217. Brad Kleinsasser, psychiatrist, Department of Human Services
$247,217. Ramesh Somepalli, psychiatrist, Department of Human Services

While the media spin machine instantly kicked in to rationalize/minimize the damage, I nevertheless find it interesting that six of the top 11 income earners listed were in the educational field with which the media is so infatuated.

You have a group of schools in South Dakota who are suing another branch of our government to get them to fork over more taxpayer money because they just don't have enough money. Apparently somebody in the education establishment isn't short on money.

Would it help our education funding situation if we weren't paying administrators and paper pushers several hundred thousand dollars? You could squeeze several more teacher salaries out of all that, or a raise for all teachers at the very least.

A point I made a few months ago in my Rapid City Journal column is that too much of those education dollars aren't making it into the classroom. Higher education administrators don't seem to be hurting, though.

I don't want to make more of this than it's worth, but still I find it interesting that in attempting to harass a state Republican administration, the Argus Leader has exposed the soft underbelly of education spending.

(Side note: the head shrinkers on this list aren't doing too bad, either)

Gender-Neutral Restrooms

I predicted some 4 years ago in a column I wrote for Toogood Reports that this would be coming: transgender/gender-neutral bathrooms. Before I'm hailed as a prophet, though, realize that it wasn't a difficult prediction to make, given all the sexual silliness we've seen in the past 20 years.

From Fox News:

It also has gender-neutral bathrooms, a feature added to accommodate transgendered people, as well as those with some disabilities. The four single bathrooms in the new Dudley H. Davis Center — each with a toilet, sink, shower and lockable door — cost about $2,500 a piece to build. Their wall signs identify each as "gender neutral restroom."

"It's about inclusivity and accessibility and the importance of meeting all people's needs, not just a few," said Annie Stevens, assistant vice president for student and campus life.

UVM isn't the only school trying to make its accommodations more accommodating.

At least 17 colleges and universities have included gender-neutral bathrooms in their new construction or in retrofitting residence halls, said Stephanie Gordon, director of educational programs at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators.

"A multi-use bathroom doesn't necessarily feel safe to transgendered students, because they have concerns about how their gender would be read by others," said Dot Brauer, director of the school's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Ally Services.

How someone's gender/sex is read "by others" is a pretty simple matter for most of us to figure out: if your sex organs are outside you're body, you're a male; if your sex organs are inside your body, you're a female. This is the way God created you, and you should deal with it.

Humoring people who are confused about this, instead of helping them deal with reality, just ends up causing them more pain, and leaves everybody confused and misled (not to mention costing a lot of money by building "gender-neutral" restrooms to humor them).

Open meetings and open records a must for good government

By Gordon Garnos

AT ISSUE: It has been said that South Dakota has some of the worst laws in the nation when it comes to open meetings and open records of government. While this may be true, at least Attorney General Larry Long is attempting to improve both of them. We give him a lot of credit in his attempts, but until the South Dakota Legislature is willing, our state may remain as one of the worst states in the nation for not having adequate open meeting and open records laws. (Full Article)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Americans Without Maps

Wow, talk about uglier than a train wreck! Not the gal, but her attempt to give a "thought provoking answer" to a question.

According to WorldNetDaily, Miss Teen from South Carolina was asked by a judge, "Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the United States on a world map. Why do you think this is?" Her answer? Check out the video:

I'm sure this is still a success story in the eyes of liberal Americans. After all, giving an intelligent answer is less important than all the impoverished, victimized people around the world that she showed concern for and wanted to help (not to mention all those U.S. Americans here in America who don't have maps).

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