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Friday, December 29, 2006

Candle Light Vigil for Saddam?

According to Reuters, the Iraqi government plans to hang Saddam Hussein at dawn for his crimes against humanity.

I wonder if the idiots at the South Dakota Peace and Justice Center will treat us to a candlelight vigil for the murderous dictator...

"Mainstream" Media?

I don't even begin to know how many media outlets these days can call themselves "mainstream"--and do it with a straight face.

The Argus Leader has an article entitled "Couple in jail and in love struggle to stay in touch" about a couple of love-struck jailbirds. The article is 797 words long, 55 of which actually discuss the crimes for which they have been jailed (theft and trying to sell stolen property, and drug possession).

The rest of this pathetic article pines on about how the two can't even "brush" up against each other in court without the evil hand of the law coming down on them and making their punishment worse. After all, so what if they stole someone else's property and are involved in the drug trade--they're in love!

Another pathetic example was the reprehensible coverage the Rapid City Journal gave to Elijah Page (the confessed and convicted murderer) back in August in the weeks preceding his aborted execution. One of many articles done on this brutal killer took up two pages, had something like 2300 words and no less than 9 pictures of the killer when he was an itty bitty wittul boy. It was a brazen pity plea for someone who brutalized his "friend" for hours before finally bashing his head in with boulders from a frozen stream and then stealing his "friends" property.

And these newspaper execs sit around, wringing their hands and wondering why newspaper sales are going in the tank?

Maybe it's because, despite more than 50 years of propaganda from the media, most people are still in touch enough with reality to see through their Leftist drivel and be disgusted by it.

Cloaking Cowardice inside "Caring" Acts

The Rapid City Journal reports on a protest in several cities around South Dakota yesterday by the humorously named South Dakota Peace and Justice Center.

Ostensibly, the events were to honor the 2,984 U.S. military deaths in Iraq, as their names were read at these events. However, the events had little or nothing to do with honoring our fallen soldiers.

The comments in the article quickly reveal (as if there had been any doubt) that the 2,984 dead heroes are nothing but a vehicle for these people who hate their own country to advance their cause against the country that provides so much to them.

Congress as a whole, including Stephanie Herseth, by their acquiescence, are enabling this war to continue," said Marv Kammerer

The war hawks who connived this war are draining the life's blood out of this country - both in money and in the lives of young people"

"We should bring them home now."

I am doubly-blessed that I don't know any of the fallen soldiers in Iraq. It would be terrible to lose someone I know. But I think it would pain me even more to see their name used as a political football by a bunch of anti-American cowards who are so dedicated to American defeat in Iraq.

There were only about 12 people stupid enough to join this anti-American protest in Rapid, which is good I suppose, because I know there are a lot more anti-American people in Rapid than that.

But the lot of them should at least have the courage to come out and say how much they loathe their own country and the ideals upon which it is founded, rather than trying to cloak their despicable and cowardly acts in some sort of act that pretends to "care" about our soldiers. But then, how can we expect even the courage of honesty from a bunch of cowards in the first place?

The rest of us are not fooled...

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