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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Roberts Unlikely To Face Big Fight

This may turn out to be the case, but if conservatives don't keep their guard up, they may just turn out to be the biggest chumps in recent history when Democrats pull some suprise offensive out of the hat, and they find themselves sitting on their rear ends twiddling their thumbs as they did with Judge Bork and Judge Thomas.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Some on BRAC panel say Pentagon's $50 billion estimate far overstated

"A majority of the members of the independent commission assessing the Pentagon's proposed list of domestic base closings say that the Defense Department probably overstated the nearly $50 billion in savings projected over 20 years, perhaps by nearly 50%."

Wow! That's a pretty big overstatement!

The report (NYT by way of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) also says, "47% of the projected savings were from cuts in members of the military who in many cases would simply be reassigned to other installations."

Even if the Pentagon's figures were correct, and they'd save $5.5 billion a year from ALL these closures, with the federal budget over $2 trillion, that means an annual savings of less than 0.275%
To put that in perspective, if you were making $3,000 a month and you saved .275% of that, you'd be saving $8.25. Wow! The cost of a movie over a month's time!
If the government wants to REALLY save money, the should stop cutting one of the few areas of our spending that's actually CONSTITUTIONAL, and cut those that arent--say, the completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL social spending that takes up around 50% of our budget!!!

Democrats struggle to change perceptions in GOP strongholds

Hey, guys. Why not worry more about your actual values than how you're perceived. Oh, I forgot: you don't have any values. At least, not any of the traditional kind that most Americans believe in.

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