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Monday, November 03, 2008

SNL Skit with John McCain: A True Maverick, a Republican Without Money

At the suggestion (sorta) of my blogosphere buddy Haggs, here is the John McCain segment from Saturday Night Live.

While not as hilarious as the Keith Olbermann skit, I have to admit that I was surprised--it was more funny than I thought a skit with John McCain in it could ever be.

"Are you someone who likes fine jewelry and also respects a politician who can reach across the aisle? If so, you can't go wrong with McCain Fine Gold."


Haggs said...

I'm surprised that you're surprised about John McCain being funny. That's been the main things I've known about him for years. I grew to like him from his appearances on Letterman and The Daily Show over the years. As a left-leaning 20-something kid, that's the kind of thing that grabbed my attention from a Republican. And if I hadn't been so fired up about Obama I might have been willing to vote for McCain.

I also thought McCain's appearance on Weekend Update later in the show was good too. I really liked "Double Maverick." Though I saw some comments aournd the net saying it was a bad idea for a candidate to even joke about being behind on the weekend before an election. Oh well, it was still funny.

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