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Friday, July 22, 2005

The Pulling of the Wool

According to Newsday, DNC Chairman Howard Dean now says the Democrat Party needs to reach to pro-lifers. More of the same old garbage we've been seeing from the Dems since they got trounced by values voters: trying to pull the wool over someone's eyes.

Now, I'll grant you there are a few pro-life Democrats; I know a handful here in South Dakota. But let's get real: these are your typical single-issue voters, usually the ones hopelessly enslaved to the Social Security pimp who'll do anything (even make a pact with the devil) to protect whatever might be their pet issue. Or one of these arcane folks who can't think for themselves and goes by the tired old "Democrats are for the 'workin' man" baloney. That's about the only way you'll find a pro-life Dem.

Let's face it: no group is 100% bad (were all the Nazi Party members rabid Jew-haters, or were some of them just sucked up into it all), just as no individual is 100% bad (do you think Saddam Hussein never committed a kind act).

But what viewpoint primarily comprises the Democrat Party? Over 90% of the Democrat leadership is avidly pro-abortion--the right of a woman to murder her child in the womb must be protected at all costs, under all circumstances.

Yeah, Mr. Dean: pull my other leg.

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