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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Black Panthers With Night Sticks at Polling Place in Philly

Newsmax has video from Fox News and a report of Black Panthers with night sticks standing in front of a Philadelphia polling location.

According to a witness, when the witness questioned them, one said

'black people are going to win no matter what'

Though it's not on this video, I heard a replay earlier of a Fox News reporter talking to a Black Panther person later on inside the polling location. This guy claimed ignorance, but the reporter said something about the two guys with night sticks being escorted off the premises by the police. The guy did tell the reporter he was extremely displeased (putting it politely) to have the media there. It seems he had no problem with guys out front with night sticks, but had a problem with the media being there.

Here is the video from Fox News:


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