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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rushmore OB/GYNs Support Initiated Measure 11

This ad ran on Page A3 today in the Rapid City Journal.

While some doctors oppose Initiated Measure 11, many others aren't afraid to admit that IM 11 does not prevent lifesaving care for mother or child.

As your local obstetricians who care for mothers and their unborn children, we would like you to know that we support Measure 11.

We feel that all life is precious and worth saving.

Measure 11 will not change the way we care for our patients in any way. Medical decisions regarding our high-risk patients will not be affected by Measure 11.

The intent of Measure 11 is to stop abortion as a means of birth control. The South Dakota Department of Health published that 97% of abortions performed in 2006 had no medical indication. That translates to 725 lives being ended because of contraceptive desires. As compassionate medical providers we can assist patients with other options when they are facing difficult situations.

Please support Measure 11 to help save innocent lives!

Mark Ballard, MD
Pamela Schmagel, MD


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