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Thursday, June 22, 2006

WMD Info: Why Haven't We Seen This Before?

For those Leftists on the run from reality and desperately trying to pooh-pooh this WMD story, (I know, I know, nothing can penetrate the tinfoil hats of liberals, but call me a glutton), consider this from Lt. General Tom McInerny:

"Probably more important is why has the administration not made this public beforehand," retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerny said of the report. "I think the fact is that the Russians moved large stocks [of WMDs] out in the fall of 2002. ... They went into three locations into Syria, in one location in the Bekaa Valley. If you get in there and if you found those weapons and found the precursors, the fingerprints would go back to Russia, China and France. Now those are the three countries that had the most conventional weapons sales to Saddam Hussein. ... I believe they were complicit. So I don't think the administration wants to trash three of the five members of the [ U.N.] Security Council."

It never took a genius to figure why the Axis of Weasles was so against going into Iraq in the first place. Think drug dealers are keen on letting the police take a stroll around their meth lab to look for evidence? Or do you think they'd try to clean the place up before a police raid--maybe by removing/destroying evidence? Hmmm, no that one's too complex for liberal thought.

Hundreds of WMDs discovered in Iraq

WorldNetDaily is reporting on part of a declassified report from the National Ground Intelligence Center, a Defense Department intelligence unit.

We've been finding WMDs and evidence of them since before the war was over (remember the chemicals found in the Euphrates River?). But if the Left refuses to see it, then it doesn't exist.

I'm reminded of the monkeys hearing and seeing no evil (the Left says plenty of it, though).

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