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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Pro-Abortionists Should Just Give Up Now

The Rapid City Journal today quotes Leslee Unruh stating pro-life efforts will be back despite this week's setback at the polls:

The mother of recent anti-abortion campaigns in South Dakota said Wednesday that the fight isn't over.

Leslee Unruh of Sioux Falls said the VoteYesForLife.com office will remain open, and anti-abortion forces will begin examining strategies for possible action to further restrict or ban abortion in the state Legislature or through a return to the South Dakota ballot.

And she wouldn't rule out another initiated measure as soon as 2010.

"We're going to look at when exactly that will be, but we're going to be back," Unruh said.

You can bet on that.

I haven't had a chance to talk with any pro-life leaders in the state yet, but yesterday I had what I think is a very good idea to win this thing next time out.

And ironically, the efforts of the pro-abortionists are what will help us win.

If pro-lifers were fighting for convenience, we could probably quit. If pro-lifers were fighting for sexual autonomy, we could probably quit. If pro-abortionists were fighting to escape responsibility, we could probably quit.

But we're fighting for the most fundamental right any human being can have: the right to simply live.

We're fighting to save lives. That's something no self-respecting person can give up on.

The sooner you pro-abortionists realize we're not going to give up on saving unborn children and just give up, the sooner we can all put this behind us.

Pro-abortionists just need to deal with that.


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