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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Leftist Wackos Protest Purity Ball

A radical Leftist fring blog called Coat Hangers at Dawn (make of that what you will) says there was a group protesting the father/daughter "Purity Ball" held in Rapid City last night.

Among the Coat Hanger comments:

where men bring virgins to show them off and tell them about their "gift from god" that was put on by the SD Taliban

They are also going to be protesting the Virgin Show in Spearfish tonight.

What a bunch of maroos, as Bugs used to say.

Here's a comment I posted to the blog, but because it's moderated, it hasn't yet been posted there:
It's so sad that you folks on the Left are so twisted and morally bankrupt that you can't even acknowledge innocence and sexual purity as something positive.

Instead of protesting the Purity Ball, why not have your own event and call it the "Slut Ball" or something? After all, if you hate sexual purity so much, you should be proud of being a promiscuous slut, right?

Messages from Above

I just found out about the Church Sign Generator from South Dakota War College today. Kinda fun, though I'd be careful about putting words in God's mouth.

There is one thing I'd feel fairly safe doing, though, based on some comments to one of my previous posts (God is a God of grace and mercy, but He makes it pretty clear in His Word He's not too keen on people twisting His words to make them say something they don't).

Friday, March 24, 2006

Bill Napoli Clarifies "Rape" Scenario

South Dakota War College has posted a clarification by Senator Bill Napoli of his much-condemned comments on a rape scenario as it might relate to the abortion issue.

As I had pretty much figured, the whole truth wasn't getting passed around. Here's part of the SDWC post:

Finally, my Religious Virgin statement. Molly Ivins, amazingly, got part of it right. The statement I made was just ONE example, not the ONLY example. During the interview, Fred de Sam Lazaro asked me for a scenario. I said, “Worst Case?” He said, “Yes.” My description was absolutely the worst case scenario I could think of that could happen to an innocent woman so traumatized both physically and psychologically by her attacker that she should possibly consider having an abortion, which could save her life. There are other examples to consider for an abortion to save a woman’s life. But, I was only asked for one.

Go to the cutting-edge South Dakota War College blog to read Bill's entire statement.

Doublespeaking South Dakotans

Sibby is reporting that the hilariously-named South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families group is co-chaired by 15 people including RINO state senator Stan Adelstein of Rapid City. Sibby's post says Adelstein ponyed up $22 K for the group.

Seems like everyone I've come across agrees with me that the name picked for this group is a real laugh--that is, if the killing of children in the womb was a joke.

Reminds me of the "doublespeak" (doublethink and newspeak) of George Orwell's "1984." That is a classic calling card of the Left, isn't it? It's where we got the "German Democratic Republic" of East Germany under Soviet dominion, and where you get the "People's Republic of China" where the people don't have squat to say about their government.

Since Marxist socialism has taken such a hold on America, you often see it here, too, with groups such as the "South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families" that promotes killing unborn children and wrecking the lives of their mothers.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

"Mainstream Coalition" Member Point Person for Pro-Abortion Group

A newly formed group called South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families is gearing up to fight the abortion ban (http://www.argusleader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060323/NEWS/60323009).

What a disingenuous name! The term "false advertising" comes to mind in a big way. "Healthy families" = damaging and deadly abortions on demand. Uh huh.

Incidentally, Jan Nicolay, the contact person for this group, is on the board of the South Dakota Mainstream Coalition (another misleading name), formed last year. You can read all about this "mainstream" group at http://www.dakotavoice.com/200512/20051208_1.html. Nicolay's support of this pro-abortion group is just another indication of what the "Mainstreamers" are about.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Death penalty foes speak out

From the Rapid City Journal today:

The group [Interfaith Task Force Against the Death Penalty] said it also might use the state's new abortion ban to try to persuade legislators to eliminate the death penalty.

Yeah, that's about like liberals, to invoke some sort of juvenile moral equivalency between an innocent child who has done nothing wrong, and someone who willfully took the life of another human being. (Incidentally, Elijah Page's crime was especially heinous, involving the torture of someone who might otherwise have been called his friend).

What they don't realize (even some in the pro-life crowd don't realize this) is that the death penalty is completely pro-life. It makes a statement that we value life so much that the wrongful taking of it demands the highest penalty possible.

The death penalty serves many purposes: (1) it prevents the murderer from harming anyone in society ever again--including prison guards or other inmates, (2) it saves law-abiding taxpayers from providing food, shelter and medical care for someone who does not value life or law, (3) it provides justice for violating the highest of our laws, (4) it provides closure for the loved ones of the victim who have been robbed of their loved one, (5) it provides a deterrent (if administered quickly and consistently--which admittedly it's not in this pansy justice system), and (6) it makes the statement that we place sacred value on life, and will punish the wrongful taking of life with the ultimate penalty. There are probably others too, but this should cover the major ones.

For those who try to argue against the death penalty from a Christian perspective, I would refer them to Genesis 9:6: "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made man." This edict was issued by God to Noah and his family as they stepped off the ark after the Flood to begin the human race anew. It was issued prior to the Law of Moses, so it cannot be said that Jesus did away with it when he did away with the Law--in fact, Jesus did not come to do away with the moral law, but to fulfill it. Jesus also didn't do away with it in the incident involving the woman caught in adultery. This incident was an illustration of the hypocrisy and duplicity of the Pharisees who wanted to do Jesus in, not a statement on the death penalty. The apostle Paul also says in Romans 13 that "[government] does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer."

Let's hope South Dakota (it's judicial system and it's people) have the guts to do what is right and take a stand for life in the execution of Elijah Page. A society that doesn't have the moral fortitude to make the hard decisions doesn't deserve safety and security--and be sure, it won't have them.

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