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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Video of Black Panther Brandishing Night Stick

It has become widely reported that a couple of Black Panthers were in front of a polling location today in Philadelphia and at least one of them had a night stick.

Earlier we posted video of the Panthers being escorted from in front of the voting location by police.

Now this video below shows what happened before police were called and arrived.

As the guy with the camera approaches the front of the building, one of the Panthers moves over closer to him, shaking his night stick as he approaches.

The cameraman asks is there any problems and the Panther asks who he is.

The cameraman says he is a media guy, and the Panther responds that he is "security." He continues to shake the night stick as he talks to the cameraman.

The cameraman says it seems intimidating that the Panther is standing there with a stick in his hand, and the Panther responds, "Who are you to decide that?"

The cameraman again protests that the Panther has a night stick in his hand, and the Panther responds, "And you have a camera in your hand." (I didn't know cameras were considered weapons).


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