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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

After the Vote

From the Family Research Council:

Election 2008 will have profound consequences for every American family and for the nation we love.

Who will be President for the next four years and what will his policies on life, marriage, the economy and other issues mean for your family?

Four states - California , Arizona , Florida and Connecticut - vote on ballot initiatives that will have earth-shaking consequences for the future of marriage.

Four hundred and thirty-five House seats and 33 Senate seats are at stake, and a large and liberal Democratic majority in both of them may sweep to victory.

What will it all mean to the issues you care about most?

To learn the story the networks won't tell you, to get the depth of perspective the networks can't give you, and to point the way forward no matter who wins on November 4, join me and FRCAction's experts for exclusive election-night coverage beginning at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

Watch our short video here and forward it to family and friends. Then tune in Tuesday night, November 4, at the top of every hour for an update on the election results - and for our take on what those results mean for the family and what we can do to continue protecting the values we hold dear.

The FRC Action team looks forward to sharing this historic election night with you. Help us spread the word - and fight on for faith, family and freedom.


Tony Perkins


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