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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Gay-Straight Alliance trying to educate community about new amendment

Members of the Augustana Gay- Straight Alliance (GSA) will be knocking on doors in Sioux Falls beginning later this month to educate the community on the consequences of the Marriage Protection Amendment, which will be voted on in November 2006.

What they'll be educating people on is how nutty they are. Doubt me?

Jessica Nathanson, writing assistant professor at Augustana, believes that society must first examine the institution of marriage.

"It is ownership," she said, "Marriage is an oppressive institution."

Uh huh. Maybe in the oppressive countries that liberals like to make apologies for, but not in the West.

I also noticed that the Left slipped up and admitted conservative ideals are the not out of the mainstream, but are the values traditionally upheld by decent human beings until the recent secular humanist insanity has infected society:

"[Conservatives] want families, and their idea of family is marriage," she said.

Augustana has a lot of nerve calling itself a Christian institution when it tolerates a homosexual group on its campus--especially one as radical as this. A Christian institution should instead be telling people about the good news of Jesus Christ, that they can be set free from their slavery to sin, including the sin of homosexuality.

But apparently Augustana is more concerned with being trendy than being obedient to God.

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