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Friday, May 19, 2006

No Morals

From today's Rapid City Journal on Democrat candidate for governor Jack Billion:

"I really think that government should be out of the business of dealing with personal health decisions, personal family and moral decisions," Billion said.

You mean health decisions like whether or not to have medical insurance, whether or not to pay the premiums on Medicare that are automatically taken out of our paychecks, whether to smoke or not...health decisions like that? You mean personal family issues such as child abuse, child neglect, spousal abuse, whether to educate children in public school or homeschool or not school them at all...that kind of family issues? You mean moral decisions like murder, rape, theft, vandalism, forgery, embezzlement, child abuse, libel, perjury, assault, burglary, wreckless driving, incest, blackmail, extortion...moral decisions like that?

Okay, I'll buy that. We'll see how long that lasts when I come to your house and help myself to whatever I want, then drive away with it all in your vehicle.

This may be tailored to make Billion sound like he's not a big government lib. But conservatives realize that while government must be kept on a short leash, there is a legitimate role for government. One of those (few) legitimate roles is protecting the innocent (like children in the womb) and fostering a stable society (such as protecting the family, a foundational building block of civilization, from being made meaningless by homosexual demands for something they call "marriage").

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Canada: A Climate of "Do as I say, not as I do"

Now, I like Canada. I've visited there a couple of times and had some of the best times of my life there vacationing with my wife. I know some Canadians personally and like them; they're good people. But every country has its hypocrites (Lord knows we have a bunch here in the States). And when they're doin' you wrong, they're doin' you wrong.

This from Reuters on Kyoto:

"We will have great difficulty in meeting those targets. We believe they are unachievable. The challenge we face in achieving the targets domestically has no relevance to our commitment to ... ensure that we are contributing to the international effort to address climate change," Ambrose said of Canada's 2006 U.N. climate presidency.


"Even though we realize that Kyoto would wreck our economy and we can't meet the obligations we agreed to when we signed onto Kyoto, we nevertheless remain committed to demonizing the United States for not fulfilling the agreement which it does not agree to."

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