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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Images from the VoteYesForLife Effort

The loss to HB 1215 was hard to take last night, but you have to play the cards you're dealt.

We knew going into this that we were at a disadvantage. The pro-life position had logic and facts firmly on their side, but the pro-aborts had emotionalism to hang their hat on, and unfortunately when dealing with the average human being, emotionalism is going to be the safer bet. It's a lot easier to paint a sob story about a woman that you can see and interact with, than one about an unborn child that is easy to ignore because it's hidden behind the veil of the womb.

But this issue will not go away. Just because a majority of people says they want something, that doesn't make that the right choice. Our unborn children will continue to be killed, and women will continue to ruin their lives and health by giving in to the easier choice, so the pro-life community will continue this fight, just as the abolitionists and civil rights leaders continued on in the face of defeats.

Below are a few pictures from the VoteYesForLife.com office in Rapid City last night. What a great bunch of people to work with! Some of them came from other states to join us, they believed in this cause so much.

The VoteYes call center

Elizabeth Kraus, West River Coordinator and architect of South Dakota's marriage amendment.

Jim Munro (right), Elizabeth's husband, also West River coordinator

Watching results come in

Steve and Lisa Wesolick. Steve is a Rapid City attorney who also works with the Alliance Defense Fund, a group of lawyers who defend religious freedom. Expect to see much more of this guy!

Leslee Unruh being interviewed in Sioux Falls

The main Rapid City team

Elizabeth and Jim

Elli Schwiesow, coordinating "wrap up" with her campaign crew. Her Dist. 32 loss was such a shame. You'll never find a kinder, more capable leader than Elli. Hopefully she'll be back when voters realize what a dreadful mistake they've made with Tom Katus (sorry, I don't have the same grace Elli displayed last night).

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

No New Surprises from Polls

Our Editor, Bob Ellis has been at several of the polling places throughout the day and reports back, (as of 3:15 pm) "So far, no inconsistencies or irregularities." We will continue to watch the polls and furnish updates. Keeep praying and get out with your vote!


Election Coverage

We will be providing election coverage tonight at www.dakotavoice.com, and possibly some blogging here, so stay tuned...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Abortion Does Not Unrape the Victim

A recent radio commercial from the VoteYesForLife.com folks featuring Rep. Elizabeth Kraus of Rapid City is the most comprehensive yet concise statement I have ever heard addressing concerns about rape/incest and Referred Law 6:

This is Elizabeth Kraus, state representative from Rapid City. As a woman, I voted to prohibit most abortions because I care about women, especially victims of rape and incest.

Women need to know that they must report a crime of sexual assault within 72 hours. Every hospital in the state provides the morning after pill. But it's not just about emergency contraception.

With early treatment, many STDs can be prevented. Early treatment provides needed counseling and gets the DNA evidence needed to get the rapist off the street.

Abortion does not "unrape" the victim; it subjects her to a second act of violence.

In the crime of incest, pregnancy is often the only evidence that ends the abuse. Abortion destroys that evidence, allowing the crime to continue.

Referred Law 6 helps protect victims of rape and incest from pregnancy, disease, and gets criminals behind bars.

Vote YES on Referred Law 6.

South Dakota MAINstream Coalition Ad

Another ad from the South Dakota MAINstream Coalition in the Rapid City Journal today.

For those of you who may have been politically cloistered, when someone from either party tells you their views are "mainstream," what they're telling you is that they are a stealth liberal. Bank on it.

Yes on C

I think this is the first Yes on Amendment C ad I've seen in the Rapid City Journal. It quickly and concisely explains why we need to protect marriage from homosexual activists.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Healing Starts Here

Oh my! Yet another ad in the Journal today talking about how the Bible speaks to us about abortion. Where ARE they digging up all these religious relics? I guess most Christians (and other religions, too) actually do understand that killing the unborn in the womb is wrong.

Imagine that!

Baptists for Life

Um, yet another ad from some Christians who acknowledge that God values human life, even human life in the womb.

As I've said before, it ain't that hard to figure out what God says is right and wrong...not if you're really interested in knowing in the first place.

Click the ad for a larger view

Handmade--By God Himself

Here's another good one from the Journal today. It's signed by just a few of those pastors who don't try to quibble with God, but instead take Him at His Word and value life.

Click the image to see a larger version.

Truth vs. Error

There's an excellent full-page ad in the Rapid City Journal today which responds to that bunch of wolves who call themselves Pastors for (Im)Moral Choices.

It points out that the view of this mixed-up bunch of people that like to call themselves "men of God" are a minority view who don't have a clue about the Book they claim to build their religion on.

It points out that the Bible DOES speak to us about life and whether we have the right to take innocent life (just as it says a lot of things this pack would rather ignore).

Click the image for a larger view

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