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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Dr. James Dobson Endorses Joel Dykstra for U.S. Senate

Dear Friends:

I seldom make political endorsements, but it is with a sense of great urgency that I announce my support for Joel Dykstra in his bid to become South Dakota's next U.S. Senator. it is imperative that he win this contest!

Mr. Dykstra's opponent, Senator Tim Johnson, is opposed to many of the values that you and I hold dear, beginning with the sanctity of life. Sen. Johnson is unapologetically pro-abortion and has consistently received very low scores from the National Right to Life Committee for his votes against restricting this barbaric practice. In fact, he has voted in favor of taxpayer funding for abortion, and has also voted to allow abortions to be performed on U.S. military bases overseas.

There are other major concerns, as well. Sen. Johnson voted twice to block the federal Marriage Protection Amendment, which would protect traditional marriage from attacks by gay activists.

In stark contrast to Sen. Johnson, Joel Dykstra has a proven track record of leadership on pro-family, pro-life issues in the South Dakota State Legislature. I believe he would be a strong voice for those values in the U.S. Senate, as well. His willingness to take on a sitting U.S. Senator is itself a testament to his tremendous courage and resolve. His defeat of Tim Johnson on Electing Day would send a strong signal to the political and cultural elite that South Dakotans do not want to see our nation drift further to the left.

Please know that I am sending this letter as a private individual, and not as a representative of the organizations I lead. That being said, I want to urge you, once again, to cast your vote on November 4th for Joel Dykstra for the United States Senate.


James C. Dobson, Ph.D.


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