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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SDSMA to Pro-Abortion Campaign: Stop Misrepresenting Us

As we mentioned earlier today, the pro-abortion South Dakota Campaign for UnHealthy Families has been instructed by the South Dakota State Medical Association (SDSMA) to discontinue their TV ads which misrepresent the SDSMA in the anti-Initiated Measure 11 campaign.

LifeNews is now also reporting on this development.

The doctors group is now on the list of organizations asking the pro-abortion South Dakota Healthy Families group to cease and desist using their name in all of their ads and print pieces.

SDHF has been using these medical groups' names without permission to further their goal of stopping the ban, which prohibits abortions except in very rare cases to save the life of the mother or in rape and incest.

In a memo to SDSMA members, leaders of the doctors group say: "Further, you should know that the SDSMA's Executive Committee has responded to an unacceptable misrepresentation on this issue."

This isn't the first time a medical group has had to recover from the manipulations of the pro-abortion campaign. A little over a week ago, Sanford Health in Sioux Falls had to issue a statement clarifying that the measure does fit within their current standards.

Unfortunately a vocal and determined minority of pro-abortion doctors is running roughshod over the medical community.

I am hearing that Dr. Marvin Buehner of Rapid City is behind the push to get medical groups like SDSMA to oppose Initiated Measure 11.

In 2006, Dr. Buehner vehemently opposed Referred Law 6, ostensibly because it lacked exceptions for rape, incest, the health of the mother and the life of the mother.

Now that pro-lifers have come back with Initiated Measure 11 which has all these exceptions, Dr. Buehner opposes the new measure.

The latest excuses are many and conflicting: IM 11 is too vague, it's too complicated, it's too specific, it's not specific enough, it won't let us save babies, it won't let us kill babies, etc.

What pro-abortionists really don't like about the exceptions in IM 11 is that they aren't loopholes wide enough to drive a truck through...and be used to continue abortion on demand.

Hundreds of doctors and gynecologists support IM 11 and say they will not change their medical practices at all under IM 11.

The pro-abortion campaign seems desperate to mislead South Dakotans into thinking there's something wrong with this most reasonable and accommodating of abortion bills.

It seems they are even willing to thumb their noses at our election laws by registering to vote in our election with the full intention of heading home to California once the election is over--a clear violation of South Dakota law.

The simple fact is they painted themselves into a corner with their 2006 whining for exceptions, and now that they have them, they're like a cornered animal who may do anything.

They have no rational arguments to preserve abortion as birth control in South Dakota, so they resort to wild and hysterical claims in the hopes that their scary talk will fool enough reasonable South Dakotans into voting against the law.

What a sad place to be, when logic and facts just aren't on your side.


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