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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sioux Falls City Council Members Endorse Dykstra

Sioux Falls, SD – Four Sioux Falls City Council members today endorsed Joel Dykstra for U.S. Senator. Councilors Pat Costello, Greg Jamison, De Knudson and Kermit Staggers all gave Dykstra the nod, saying his business and legislative experience, leadership and South Dakota values make him the best candidate to represent our State in Washington, D.C.

“Joel Dykstra brings innovative ideas to the table on important issues facing our state and nation,” said Councilor Greg Jamison. “As City Council members, we are particularly impressed with his grasp of economic development issues and his pro-business positions of lowering taxes and stimulating investment. Joel understands that while our economy is going through critical and troubled times, our Government must allow families and businesses to keep more of their hard-earned dollars. That will stimulate economic growth in Sioux Falls, in South Dakota and throughout America.”

In addition to his extensive experience in economic development, the Councilors also applaud Joel’s track record and innovation in the energy and agricultural sectors.

“Joel understands that some of the most critical issues facing our nation are also great opportunities for South Dakota to excel in energy and agricultural production,” Jamison said. “He will be a zealous advocate for our state in Washington, D.C. “

For further information, call City Councilors:
Pat Costello – 334.6942
Greg Jamison – 310-1930
De Knudson – 338.9431
Kermit Staggers – 376.4056


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