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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Tax Cut Cutoff Drops Like Marxist Currency Value

Looks like Barack Obama's tax cut thresh hold is dropping like a Marxist citizen's hopes of ever being free.

WorldNetDaily points out that the magic $250,000 figure recently touted by Obama to be worthy of a tax cut has dropped.

It hit $200,000, and is now reported to have dropped to $150,000.

This sounds a lot like Obama's excuses about his association with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. First, Ayers was just "a guy in the neighborhood." Then Obama "didn't know" about Ayers' bombing of the U.S Capitol, the Pentagon and several other locations. Then he thought Ayers had been "rehabilitated."

I'd suggest he go pull my other leg now, but I ran out of legs a long time ago.

You Obama voters out there had better hope next week's election comes quick. By election day, that tax cut thresh hold could have dropped to $10,000 before you know it.

You, too, could wake up as one of the "evil rich" in Obama's Marxist wealth-spreading sights.


Dr. Theo said...

Anyone with any sense and understanding of economics is not surprised by Obiden's announcement. There is simply no way that the Dems can spend another trillion dollars on liberal programs by taxing only the top 2% of producers. All of us that work for a living will be in for a wild ride if Obama is elected. Higher taxes, lost jobs, businesses closing or moving to foreign countries, increased threats from our enemies and decreased defenses, dismantling of our health care system, disregard for our constitution, restrictions on speech, federally funded abortion, class bitterness and deeper divisions between Americans.

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