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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Future of Israel may be decided Nov. 4

Thomas Cahill, in The Gifts of the Jews, proffers a story of awakening and seminal change in civilization brought about by the customs and theology of the Hebrews, based upon the one God Yaweh. Cahill comments, with only slight exaggeration that "We can hardly get up in the morning or cross the street without being Jewish." So revolutionary was the linear, beginning (creation) and end (judgement) cosmology of the Jews that the world was changed in ways that allowed the progression of civilization into the present time. (Here is a short review of The Gift of the Jews.)

The influence and importance of the Jews remains just as important to the world today. Western civilization would suffer immeasurably were Israel to fall to the forces that seek her destruction. That is why those who oppose the West also want to drive the Jews “into the sea.” I believe that the fate of Israel is the eventual fate of western civilization.

The following, from “The American Thinker,” asks Americans to consider the fate of Israel when we go to the polls to vote.

October 29, 2008
Open Letter to Americans Who Love Israel
Kyle-Anne Shiver
Will Americans really elect a president at such a perilous time, who seems to be clueless about foreign affairs, especially with regard to Israel and the Middle East? Barack Obama has made so many conflicting statements on these all-important matters that it behooves every American to think -- and think hard again -- before casting our ballots.

When I read "The Diary of Ann Frank" in the 4th grade, I could not help but believe that the German people had to be either truly evil or truly stupid to have allowed Adolf Hitler to obtain such complete power over them, primarily through free elections. Yet I've come to realize that the Germans were taken in by the same temptations that have always been such successful lures for men's souls. Money. Scapegoating wrong instead of accepting personal responsibility. Utopian fantasies. Collective redemption. All of these were present in the Nazi lure; all are present today in Obama's candidacy.

I've written an Open Letter to All Americans Who Love Israel, which can be read here:

Of all our allies, Israel is the most vulnerable. Are the Jews going to be once again the "canary in the coal mine"? I don't know, but it's certainly looking that way. And I know which side I'm on. Do you? Does your neighbor? Will American voters now do to the Jewish State, Israel, what the Germans did to European Jews?


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