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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pro-Abortion Campaign Told to Stop Misrepresenting Medical Association

SIOUX FALLS, South Dakota, October 28 /Christian Newswire/ -- South Dakota State Medical Association has been added to the list of those that have asked "South Dakota Healthy Families" a pro-abortion activist group, to cease and desist using their name in all of their ads and print pieces. The group has been using these medical groups' names without permission to further their political agenda.

A memo to concerned members of the South Dakota Medical Association stated: "Further, you should know that the SDSMA's Executive Committee has responded to an unacceptable misrepresentation on this issue. On Thursday of last week, SDSMA's legal counsel wrote a letter to the Campaign for Healthy Families to demand that they discontinue their television ads that misrepresent the SDSMA. We notified statewide media of this fact on Friday (October 24). We expect compliance."

Avera Hospital commented that they are in alignment with the Catholic Bishops in South Dakota, both of which strongly support Measure 11 and are encouraging people to vote yes on Measure 11. "We are not surprised that the pro-abortion activists used these medical groups to further their political agenda," said Brandi Gruis, VoteYesForLife.com spokesperson. VoteYesforLife.com says the pro-abortion group did not have permission to exploit these institutions. The SDSMA and Sanford have subsequently asked for the group to stop using their name immediately. "This is par for the course of how this group has been running their campaign. We are happy to see that these medical organizations are working to correct the record, in time for voters to know the truth." For more information, call 605.271.7581.


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