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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Stan Adelstein is His Own Biggest Fan

The Rapid City Journal reports today that District 32 senate "Republican" candidate Stan Adelstein has spent more to buy, er, win that seat in the South Dakota legislature than both his opponents combined.

Adelstein pitched in $53,000 of his own money toward his $53,515 campaign tab. Of that total, Adelstein spent $42,998 on advertising and $10,500 in consulting fees.

Five individual donors contributed $1,265 to his campaign. Adelstein received $200 from the Pennington County Republican Women, $100 from the SD Association of Insurance Agents and $250 from the SD Association of Specialty Care Providers. The state Republican Party paid $638 for a promotional mailing campaign.

Wow. Adelstein received a whopping $2,453 from others. What a resounding community endorsement of his campaign!

Since he kicked in about 96% of his own campaign contributions, he must be his own biggest fan.

Democrat Tom Katus received $28,495.

Independent candidate Elli Schwiesow received $20,262. She had the most identified single donors (37).

I wonder who has the most grassroots community support in this race.


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