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Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Attempt to Interview Terrorist Bill Ayers

Reporter Jesse Waters with the O'Reilly Factor tried last week to talk with domestic terrorist and Barack Obama-associate Bill Ayers, but with no luck.

He asked Ayers outside Ayers' home about his relationship with Barack Obama, provided Ayers an opportunity to apologize for his terrorist acts, and asked Ayers if it wasn't time for some repentance. Ayers, however, continued to ignore Waters as he walked into his house and closed the door.

In case you've been on Mars, or are a liberal who's had your head buried in the sand recently, Bill Ayers is the terrorist who started the Marxist Weather Underground group which bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, several court houses, several police stations, and various other buildings.

He is also the man Barack Obama worked with on various projects over the last 13 years, including serving together on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge that Ayers founded, and the Woods Fund.

Ayers also helped launch Obama's political career with a meet-and-greet Ayers held for Obama in his own home.

In the video below, ABC's Brian Ross takes a stab at getting Ayers to talk about his dealings with Obama, or about his terrorist acts. Unfortunately, he didn't do any better than Jesse Waters did.

Ayers may be an America-hating terrorist, but he's at least smart enough to realize that if he opens his mouth, he'll only hurt the campaign of the man he wants to win on Nov. 4.

Why would we vote for a man who would associate with anti-American terrorist trash like Bill Ayers?

Would you vote for someone who associated with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh? If not, why would you vote for Barack Obama?


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