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Friday, October 31, 2008

Rashid Khalidi, the PLO Spokesman Obama Praised, Runs from Cameras

Why do all of Barack Obama's terrorist friends run when the cameras come around?

They seem like cockroaches: shine a light on them and they scurry for cover. They seem to like darkness where their deeds go unidentified by most people.

Fox News tried to interview Rashid Khalidi (see video below), the Palestine Liberation Organization spokesman whom Barack Obama praised at a dinner.

The Los Angeles Times has a video of this dinner, but won't release it.

We know from the LA Times story on this event that Obama had good words for the spokesman of the terrorist PLO organization. But if they are stonewalling on releasing the tape, what else--possibly even more damning--would it tell us about the man who wants to lead America?

You might recall that when Fox News tried to interview the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, with whom Obama has worked for the past 13 years, he wouldn't talk to the reporter at all.

ABC also tried to talk to the Weather Underground bomber, but no luck either.

Do Obama's terrorist associates realize that if they want their guy to get in the White House, they have to keep their mouths shut for a few more days?

How can we possibly be seriously considering electing a man like Barack Obama, with his sympathies for America's enemies, and his shady associations with people who hate America?


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