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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Case Against Clueless Voting

I have long said that making an ignorant and uninformed vote is like waving a loaded gun around and pulling the trigger with your eyes closed.

Apparently I'm not alone in my appreciation for the solemn responsibility which comes with the right to vote.

John Stossel's latest column at Newsmax argues that "Clueless People Shouldn't Even Vote."

Indeed. They should do their fellow Americans a great public service and just stay home on Nov. 4 and eat Cheetos or keep watching The View. There are a number of regular commenters at Dakota Voice who fit that bill.

It can be absolutely shocking to come face-to-face with the amount of historical, governmental, legal, societal and practical ignorance out there. And we're not just talking about a difference of opinion...



Haggs said...

First of all, just because you disagree with the way someone votes doesn't mean that person is clueless.

Second of all, I find it curious that you want to move the voting age up. Is that because most younger people tend to lean liberal while older people tend to lean conservative? You can't deny Americans the right to vote just because you disagree with who and what they vote for. That's not what democracy is about.

Bob Ellis said...

You're right, Haggs. There are a number of people I disagree with who have a clue.

However, there are plenty I disagree with who don't have a single, solitary clue. They are, by definition, clueless.

Yes, young people tend to lean liberal, just like young people are more inclined to do stupid things when they drink. It's a matter of judgment; while some people can handle things at a younger age, many cannot.

Perhaps we should lower the voting age to six, then, if you consider it discriminatory to raise the age to 21.

Doing something stupid with your vote can be at least as dangerous in the long-term as driving drunk or causing a drunken fight.

Voting is very, very serious business. It's dangerous when done by the clueless.

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