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Monday, October 27, 2008

O'Reilly Factor Interviews Reporter Who Asked Biden About Marxism

The O'Reilly Factor interviewed Barbara West, the journalist who interviewed Joe Biden last week and had the gall to ask him serious questions about Barack Obama's Marxist philosophies. (see video below)

Once again West was very businesslike and straightforward. She said she also asked John McCain tough questions in a recent interview, and based on what she said, she did.

That's good. Most people don't expect underhanded kindergarten-league softballs to Republicans from the "mainstream" media...but we don't expect them for the Democrats either--which is usually how that ballgame is played. Meanwhile, the Republicans get all the fastballs and curve balls.

Barbara West deserves to run her own station or be promoted in some major way. She is an example of real journalism, which is a rare bird these days. She's obviously not afraid to ask tough questions of a hostile interviewee and doesn't pull her punches.

It was a real hoot, though, to watch the incredulous look on Biden's face! He must have been thinking something like, "Lady, didn't you see that I had a "D" after my name? Did somebody mess up and put an "R" after my name on your notes?"

Keep up the good work, Ms. West!

Bill O'Reilly interviews Barbara West, an Orlando Florida news anchor who became famous recently for her interview with Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

O'Reilly shows excerpts of her interview where she asks Biden if Obama's views are Marxist and about his connections to ACORN. The Obama campaign called the interview an attack and has refused further interviews with the news channel.


Braden said...

I seriously do not see where this whole Marxism charge is coming from. I know McCain and the GOP are desperate and they are throwing everything they have at Obama but this is just plain silly.

Obama advocates returning to the tax policies of the 1990's... and that makes him a Marxist?

Obama's tax plan calls for tax cuts for those making under $250,000 a year. Does McCain really expect to win over the middle and lower class by calling this idea stupid and anybody who believes in it a commie?

And I know Republicans claim that because many people pay no federal income taxes that this amounts to a 'handout.' Well, these people DO pay other taxes. So, in this economy, Obama is saying he understands they need help. McCain and the Republicans are saying, no, no they don't, and calling people names who think they do. Regardless of how you feel about this policy, such verbal opposition to it is incredibly stupid from a purely political aspect.

And there is this whole 'redistribution of wealth' argument. That's what progressive tax policies are! And we've had them for most of the 20th century. One of the biggest redistributions of weath has occured under the Bush administration, redistributing the wealth up. This is OK to Republicans, but heaven forbid the middle class gets a bigger tax break than the upper class.

I just don't see how Republicans think they can win running against tax cuts for the middle class.

Bob Ellis said...

Braden, Braden, Braden. Where did you go to school?

Didn't they teach you that progressive taxation and wealth redistribution are Marxist ideas?

Didn't they teach you that America was founded on the ideas of limited government, limited taxation, personal responsibility and property rights?

We already have too much Marxism in our country, and Obama wants to kick it into overdrive.

What's even more scary: most liberals try hard to hide their Marxist leanings but Obama talks about them right in public.

If we already have far too much Marxism from Democrats who try to hide their Marxist leanings, how much are we likely to get from someone who admits it, like Obama did to Joe the Plumber, and on some of these interviews that are now surfacing?

If you didn't pay taxes into the federal system, but you get money out of the federal tax system, that is indeed a handout. You can't get a refund on something you didn't pay into...at least, not in the real world. Only in Marxist fantasyland does that happen.

A much more fair tax system would be one where everyone pays the same rate--that way all Americans are treated equally, not penalizing some for being successful and rewarding some for making unproductive choices.

That kind of fairness and equality is what America is all about.

Obama's Marxism is what we've seen in a number of countries around the world...and watched it fail miserably.

Braden said...

Oh so you ARE one that thinks progressive taxation is Marxist.

I assume you are aware of the Earned Income Tax Credit. This is a tax credit where the government basically pays lower income citizens, and it was started by Ronald Regan. By your definition, Ronald Regan was a Marxist. Was Ronald Regan a Marxist?

In fact, I'm not aware of any Presidents in the 20th Century that has been against progressive taxation. Were they all Marxists?

Marxism- The doctrines of Karl Marx and his associate Friedrich Engels on economics, politics, and society. Marxism calls for a classless society in which all means of production are commonly owned (communism), a system to be reached as an inevitable result of the struggle between the leaders of capitalism and the workers.

Progressive taxation is not advocating for the government to own all the means of production. It is not Marxism. Not even close. Don't expect the middle class to support you if you tell someone making minimum wage they should pay the same tax rate as an ExxonMobil CEO.

Bob Ellis said...

You really have to quit reading those DNC talking points and get an education, Braden.

The Earned Income Tax Credit was enacted by congress, not the presidency.

It was also enacted in 1975, some five years before Ronald Reagan was elected.

While Ronald Reagan was not entirely successful in forcing the kind of change needed to return our government and tax system to its historic fairness, he made tremendous progress.

He pushed congress for and got a huge reduction in the marginal tax rates; the top rate went from some insane figure in the neighborhood of 70% to 50%, and I believe a subsequent round of reductions brought it down around 40%.

Subsequently, inflation dropped from 13.5% to 4.8%, interest rates dropped from 22% to 11%, unemployment went from 7.5% to 5.4%, and the GDP went from $2.7 to $5.4.

Progressive taxation is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto, which was, incidentally, co-written by Karl Marx. It is therefore part of Marxist doctrine.

I don't care whether the envious "middle class" supports me or not. It's a matter of fairness that every American should pay the same rate.

To penalize one American over another because that American is more successful is not only a mark of envy and greed, it is government-sanctioned theft.

And, oh yeah, Marxism.

Bulklover said...

That was the silliest question I've ever heard! LOL! A Marxist?? I'm no fan of Obama, but his colleagues at the Harvard Review were upset with him because he refused tote a straight liberal party line, preferring a more pragmatic approach. What's next? "Senator McCain, could you defend your Nazi sympathies??" If you are going to question the candidates, I'm actually more interested in:
1) How many wars will you start?
2) How many new taxes will you institute?
3) How many illegal aliens are going to run across my lawn over the next four years?
4) How many savings and loan/subprime loan scandals are you going to ignore until they reach critical mass?

Oh, I'm being silly. Let's focus on fagalas getting married.


Bob Ellis said...

Bulklover, maybe you missed it in school (or maybe our lousy school system didn't bother teaching you), but you really should take the time to do a little study of Marxism and compare the doctrines there to Obama's philosophy. Start with the works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. I think you'll be shocked at what you find.

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