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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Disdain for 'White Folks'

This is a lengthy video (about 10 minutes) but reveals a disappointing picture of Barack Obama's opinion of ethnic issues and "white folks."

This brings back memories of Obama's racist pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright, who seemed to hate whites and even successful blacks.

It is indisputable that black Americans have received a raw deal from the white majority in America for most of our history.

But we have made major gains, and in the last 40 years have made great strides in establishing equality between the skin colors in both practice and thought.

When we have been wronged, we have two choices: dwell on the wrongs, become bitter and hateful...or concentrate on doing what we can personally to put such wrongs behind us to build a better world.

I don't think Barack Obama and people like his pastor are ready to do the latter.

But consider how these statements would look coming from someone else.

Just substitute "white" for "black" and try to imagine John McCain saying this about "black folks."

Or, if you prefer, since McCain was imprisoned and tortured for years by the North Vietnamese communists (who were, by the way, Marxists), substitute "Asian" for "white" and imagine McCain talking about "Asian folks."

It isn't too pretty, is it? Is it any prettier coming from Barack Obama--the man who wants to lead America (black, whites, reds, yellows, browns and purple-polka-dotted and all)?

How about we put aside all the envy, animosity and ethnic disdain? Regardless of skin color, we're all Americans here. We're all on the same team. Let's act like it.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Barack Obama is ready to put aside the ethnic animosity.

From the description of the video...
Barack Obama Says "White Folks" Are "Cruel" (Real Audio From Him Reading His Book. If you don't look like him, Obama hates you. Because of that, he intends to use the government to take MORE of the money you earn and work hard for so he can give your money to people who do look like him. This is Barack Obama's tribalism, this is Barack Obama's lifetime war on "white folks". It is unAmerican and unConstitutional.


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