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Monday, October 27, 2008

Viral Redistribution of Truth on Obama

The video of the Barack Obama interview where he says it's a "tragedy" that the U.S. Constitution constrains the government from taking one person's property and giving it to another is going viral.

It's had over 1.3 million hits today!

That's not bad for some bloggers and talk radio.

If we really had a "mainstream" media, we would have seen this months or longer ago on the major networks and in every major newspaper.

If we really had "objective" journalism in this country, Obama's bashing of the Constitution, the Founders, and the American way of life would have been exposed long, long ago.

Why in the world should it NOT be news when a presidential candidate thinks the Constitution is an impediment to his Marxist schemes?

Why in the world would it NOT be news when a presidential candidate wants to abandon the traditional American way--personal responsibility, property rights, and private charity--in favor of a system which has been demonstrated around the world over and over to not work?

It's not news when the "mainstream" "objective" media wants that same socialist, un-American agenda to come to pass.

Is this another sign that the days of the liberal dinosaur media are numbered?


laydens said...

The context of his comment was during the civil rights struggle. Specifically, how there was no attempt to help poor people whose rights had been taken from them.

He made a valid point, but it does not concern current tax policy.

"Redistribution of wealth" in current terms, is what George Bush did when he gave huge war contracts to Halliburton and gave tax breaks to the wealthy, leaving the bill for you to pick up years later.

Bob Ellis said...

Really, laydens? What sort of redistribution did he have in mind? Good will? Good cheer? Candy?

Government doesn't redistribute anything without taxing to obtain it to redistribute in the first place.

You must be desperate to excuse Obama's socialist tendencies.

And if the top 10% of the wealthy are paying 70% of the tax pie (which they are), they deserve a break.

The American way would be for everyone to pay the same tax rate. Progressive taxation is a, um, Marxist scheme fueled by envy.

But Obama isn't a Marxist, either, is he?

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