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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interview with FBI Informant Who Worked with Obama Associate Bill Ayers

Bill O'Reilly interviewed FBI informant Larry Grathwohl last night on his experience with Barack Obama's associate, the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Ayers' group the Weather Underground.

Grathwohl details some of the vicious tactics and techniques employed by Ayers and his henchmen.

Ayers specified that bombs should contain fence staples to have an anti-personnel effect (i.e. chop people to shreds as shrapnel).

When Grathwohl pointed out that a restaurant near a police building they planned to bomb would be hit also, Ayers told Grathwohl "In a revolution, innocent people have to die."

Grathwohl said Ayers once chided Grathwohl's cell for not making enough bombs and doing enough bombings.

As the interview points out, the only reason Ayers isn't rotting behind bars for his terrorist acts is that the prosecution screwed up the investigation...and of course, since many judges are quite eager to cut every slack for criminals, Ayers got off Scott free.

The quality of this video leaves something to be desired, but it's a real eye-opener if you don't think Ayers was really such a bad guy.

Ayers methods may have changed (he's not blowing up buildings anymore), but he's every bit as radical as he always was. He's still trying to pervert young minds, remains unrepentant for his acts, and still wants to see the destruction of capitalism and the United States.

How can we possibly consider electing someone who would associate with a terrorist like Ayers to the presidency?

Would we consider electing an associate of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh?


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