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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Video: Senator Johnson on Pork and Other Issues

Below is a video from the Argus Leader featuring Senator Tim Johnson meeting with their editorial board and talking about energy, his health, the lack of debates this campaign this season, and other topics.

In the video, Johnson recites the pork he has brought home to South Dakota as a reason to re-elect him.

Bringing home the pork, er, bacon isn't the most important duty of a senator; in fact, I'd argue that it is one of the least important, since what it amounts to is largely bribing the voters with their own money.

But while Senator Johnson has done a fair job as a porker, the very real question remains over whether he will be able to do an adequate job of that or the more important duties of a senator.

On a personal level, he has made considerable and commendable progress in his recovery. But is it enough to keep up with the demanding requirements of being an effective United States Senator?

Senators have to work long hours, often with no day off for a while; attend many meetings with constituents, lobbyists, and colleagues; read and become familiar with pending legislation and background information; speak for or against legislation on the senate floor; attend committee meetings; attend committee hearings; and a myriad of other daily responsibilities. The schedule of a U.S. senator would be demanding for a person in perfect health.

Regardless of Johnson's health, one also has to ask whether he is the best choice to represent South Dakota values in South Dakota. His liberal voting record doesn't exactly match the values of the average South Dakotan.

These are questions South Dakotans will be weighing in the remaining weeks leading up to the election.

*Though the video from the Argus Leader included an option to embed the video, and no restriction on embedding was mentioned, the Argus leader now says they don't allow their video to be "repurposed," so it has been removed.

You can still watch it (for now) at the Argus Leader link above.


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