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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New TV Ad to be Aired During DNC Convention by Florida Stealth 'Gay Rights' Group in Florida is Both Factually Wrong and Attempts to Deceive Democrat

ORLANDO, Aug. 25 /Christian Newswire/ -- Florida Red and Blue, a political committee and front group for a coalition of homosexual groups opposing Amendment 2, has released a TV ad which is both factually wrong and attempts to mislead and scare senior citizens. The ad will be aired on Florida stations during the Democrat National Convention through out this week.

The campaign commercial has a prominent theme which is repeated three times asserting that the marriage amendment is an attempt by the government to interfere "into our private lives". Other parts of the ad state that defeating Amendment 2 would "keep government out of our private lives" and that "personal marriage issues should be decided by you, your family and clergy, not by the government." *

"This ad is just factually wrong and Red and Blue needs to be held accountable for false and misleading advertisements" said John Stemberger, State Chairman of Yes2Marriage.org the official sponsor of the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment. "To the contrary, the citizen initiated and citizen led Amendment 2 has nothing at all to do with government action. It has everything to do with citizen action stopping the government from redefining marriage against their will. Amendment 2 allows the people and not activist judges to decide how marriage will be defined in Florida. This is only the first of a series of ads in an avalanche of fraud and deception that is going to flood the airways in the October."

The campaign commercial also states* that "Democrats are United against Amendment 2 in Florida." This is not accurate or factually correct. Over three quarters of a million Florida voters signed a citizen's initiative petition to get the marriage amendment on the ballot. Well over 33% of those Floridians who signed the petition are registered Democrats. The recent June 3, 2008, Quinnipiac Florida poll demonstrates that a significant 45% of democratic voters in Florida support Amendment 2. Even Senator Barack Obama in the recent Saddleback forum with Rick Warren clearly stated, "I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman." "This hardly seems like unity among Democrats on the issue of the definition of marriage" said Eladio Armesto, the Chairman of the Florida Democratic League who is a major supporter of Amendment 2 in South Florida.

Stemberger said, "Marriage is not a democrat or a republican issue. It's not even a liberal - conservative issue. It is a human issue and a moral issue--and one which Floridians will vote "Yes" on in overwhelming numbers on November 4, 2008."

Finally, the unanimous Florida Supreme Court made up of democrat and republican appointees has ruled that Amendment 2 is about the "singular subject" of marriage and that the effect of the amendment does nothing new as it merely takes the existing law on marriage and places it into the state constitution as 27 other states have done. (1) "Telling senior citizens that they will lose social security and or domestic partner benefits by voting yes on 2 is outright fraud and preys upon Florida's most vulnerable and precious citizens" commented Stemberger.

For more information or further comment contact Yes2Marriage.org officials at Media@Yes2Marriage.org or call 407-251-1957

* The verbatim wording of the TV Ad states:
"Democrats are united against Amendment 2 in Florida. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Representatives Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Robert Wexler are all saying vote no on 2. Amendment 2 bans domestic partners, hurting many seniors and letting government into our personal lives. Alex Sink, Cathy Caster and Kendrick Meek oppose Amendment 2 because personal marriage issues should be decided by you, your family and clergy, not the government. Keep government out of our private lives. Vote No on 2."

(1) "... the amendment essentially tracks the language of the current statutory provision....The proposed amendment is essentially inserting this statutory scheme into the constitution with language substantially similar to the statutory provision itself." See Opinion to the Attorney General, 926 So.2d 1229 (2006).

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Bob Ellis said...

Liberals are acknowledging that people have recognized that government does not have all the answers, and are playing on this recognition that government needs to be restrained (they don't believe it, but they recognize that average people do).

They're doing it here in South Dakota, too, basing their pro-abortion strategy on "keeping government out of the family."

If they were honest (which they'll never be), they'd acknowledge that government created this killing spree back in 1973 when the Supreme Court played God and told the people they couldn't stop women from killing their children in the womb.

There is no depth and no lie to which liberals will not sink. Good people should face that reality...and be prepared to counter it.

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how Republicans oppose more government but are just THRILLED to have more government regulation on family life. This does not affect you; it just scares you.

If you want your marriage to be sacred, that doesn't come from getting your marriage license. It comes with you standing in front of God in church and making a promise. If the sanctity of marriage is at stake, you really should take that up with your church.

Bob Ellis said...

The United States government has few legitimate functions; the Constitution clearly states this.

One of the most basic functions of any government is to safeguard human life.

As Thomas Jefferson said, "The care of human life and not its destruction is the first and only object of good government."

Government interfered with that duty when the Supreme Court essentially ordered all levels of government to allow the killing of children in the womb.

We must remove that intentional abdication of government's proper responsibility so that human life is again respected and preserved.

Anonymous said...

Random quotes from Thomas Jefferson do not equal the Constitution.

Bob Ellis said...

I don't think anyone said that it did.

It was intended to be a fairly easy way for someone who seems to have no real grasp on American history, American government, the Constitution, morality, marriage, or human life to begin to see the light.

I see that failed.

I guess there isn't much to be gained by trying to have an intelligent conversation with someone who adamantly refuses to open their mind to truth.

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