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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Media In the Tank for the Homosexual Agenda

As if there was any doubt remaining that the "mainstream" news organizations were in the tank for the homosexual lobby, they really showed their underwear at the annual convention of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA).

According to the Culture and Media Institute, NBC led the way:

In a full-page ad in the convention program, NBC Universal declared it is “proud to support NLGJA,” under the bold headline: “YOUR VICTORIES ARE OUR VICTORIES.”

So who was paying for this journalistic pro-homosexual party?
Who paid for this blend of journalism and activism? The NLGJA convention was underwritten by most of the biggest names in the news business. At the $25,000 level: the McClatchy Company. At the $15,000 level: CBS, CNN, Gannett Foundation, ESPN, and Hearst Newspapers. Kicking in $10,000 were NBC, Fox Business, Fox News, News Corporation, and The Washington Post. Good for $5,000 were ABC News and Bloomberg. Publisher and broadcaster Cox Enterprises bought the inside cover of the program, and CBS News “salutes NLGJA” on the back cover. Gannett (USA Today) “salutes” NLGJA in a full-page ad, as does The New York Times in a half-page ad. A.H. Belo Corporation (Dallas Morning News, Providence Journal) declares it is a “proud sponsor” in a full-page ad, while The Washington Post “congratulates” NLGJA in its full-page ad.

By the way, Gannett owns the Argus Leader in Sioux Falls.

According to another report from CMI the NLGJAs plan to ignore Biblical religious leaders in favor of those with more "tolerant" opinions on homosexuality.
According to Gold, “the single biggest [obstacle] to gays having equal rights in the country is religion,” so “I set myself to learn about it.” GLAAD’s Craig said, “We’re not getting anyplace until we begin conquering the debate” in the religious community.

They make it clear they want to marginalize those Christian voices who are true to the Bible, while seeking out the obscure religious "voices" out there who don't really care what God says about homosexuality.

Of Biblical figures like Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family, they say:
But the public hears these voices over and over again and they begin to think ‘this is what the Christian faith is all about.’ It’s very important not to be used by those people who are wanting to get their voices out. Don’t let yourself be complicit. Don’t become their access to the public. Know that there are many other voices to be heard who aren’t standing around waiting to be asked, aren’t making themselves accessible.

So the "objective" media will make it's strategy to even further marginalize and ignore anyone who is unpleasant enough to actually refer to what the holy book of their religion says.

I suppose you can't stop someone who's determined to ignore the facts.

But it's most disappointing to see such an attitude elevated at a meeting of journalists, who, according to their own profession, are supposed to be interested in providing the objective facts to the public.

A little "truth in advertising" from the "mainstream" media would be nice.


Anonymous said...

I always knew Gollum went "that way."

Todd Epp at S.D. Watch said...


This is great news! Our plan is working!

Todd Epp
SD Watch http://www.southdakotawatch.net

David said...

I wonder what the preoccupation is with homosexuality on this website? The one thing Ted Haggard, Larry Craig, and like-minded anti-gay people had in common was the fact they are gay. Strange, huh? Let's grow up a bit, now. Gay people are people, too.

Bob Ellis said...

I wonder what the preoccupation with homosexuality is that's coming from our society.

Homosexuality in journalism, homosexuality in history, homosexuality in law, homosexuality on TV, homosexuality in music, homosexuality in movies, homosexuality in the news, homosexuals demanding to be celebrated, homosexuals demanding to be tolerated, homosexuals demanding to be accepted, homosexuals demanding to be called "married," homosexuals demanding to adopt, homosexuals demanding to wear women's clothes, homosexuals demanding to use restrooms of the opposite sex, homosexuals demanding doctors inseminate them, homosexuals demanding religious people shut up, homosexuals holding gay pride events, homosexuals holding festivals, homosexuals holding conferences, homosexuals demanding this, homosexuals demanding that....

Yes, what is this preoccupation with 2.9% of our society, and why do some expect society to completely re-arrange itself, accommodate and celebrate every whim of a people identified with a behavior which is immoral, unnatural and unhealthy?

You know, I really don't understand it, either.

But as long as homosexual activists insist on legitimizing what is wrong and demanding that society accept it, I'll be here calling it for what it is (wrong) and helping good people be aware of it so they can counter it, too.

Anonymous said...

How do you wake up every morning with this consistent antipathy for homosexuals? I simply CANNOT believe that there isn't some underlying self-loathing driving you.

You should be thankful for these people. Without them, you'd be out of a job.

Bob Ellis said...

Like the cop or the soldier, it's a job I'd LOVE to be out of.

But when homosexual activists launch a daily, relentless assault on right, decency, marriage, family and nature, somebody has to be there to counter it.

And I'll be there.

Anonymous said...

A job you'd love to be out of? But wouldn't that mean that you'll have given up? Homosexuality and homosexuals will never, EVER go away and will NEVER stop striving for the rights they deserve, especially not in your lifetime. You're in this for the long haul, buddy!

Bob Ellis said...

I'll have given up when homosexuals realize they can't change nature or morality, and give up on that and on forcing society to accept their behavior as legitimate.

And yes, I'm in it for the long haul. Like the cop or the soldier, I'm in it until the job is done.

Anonymous said...

Until the job is done? So obviously, that means you stopped being a cop because crime is now a thing of the past in South Dakota?

You seemed to have lost the good sense that you had back then, which told that no matter what you did as a cop, people are ALWAYS going to break the law, so you can't keep trying forever despite whatever differences you made for the present. Try listening to that wisdom again, and you'll learn that no matter how many articles you write or how many people you think you can prove wrong, homosexuals will ALWAYS exist, and we will NEVER stop. You are wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

Christian = Someone who has empowered himself to mind your business for you.

Bob Ellis said...

Anonymous 1:42, There are still cops out there fighting crime, and there are still soldiers fighting the bad guys. They haven't given up and gone home because the job isn't done.

And since I can speak up for the truth no matter what my occupation, that is a task I'll always continue doing.

You're, uh, wasting your time by asking me to stop. It'd be easier for everyone if you'd just give up and admit that you're wrong, but that's your choice.

Bob Ellis said...

Anonymous 4:29, Obviously that definition would also fit the homosexual activist, because homosexual activists demand that everyone accept their behavior as legitimate, and that we completely rewrite marriage, family and child welfare to accommodate their sexual preferences.

Foundational changes like that are everyone's business.

Anonymous said...

Bob, a reality check please?

You do understand that homosexuals (i.e. gays/lesbians) are EVERYWHERE and have ALWAYS been there?

They have been around since mankind has been around. Why else would you think they are mentioned in the bible or pre-bible writings from the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans to the Jews? That's over 5,000 years, which is at least 3,000 years older than when the bible mentions homosexuals.

Today, famous (and might I add, popular) gays/lesbians are in journalism, law, politics, law enforcement, TV, music, movies, news, science, medical, the military, religion, etc. etc. etc. Need I go on?

Do you honestly think for a second because you've had some "biblical" revelation to go on a crusade against homosexuality that you are going to change any of that with your small blog?

Why not spend your energy on important subjects like the global warming, pollution of the environment, lack of health care, poverty, or corporate greed, etc?

These issues are far more important and a far greater danger to mankind. Especially for the future well being of our children, than a small percentage of the population (homosexuals) wanting equal rights/treatment.

I don't fully get your priorities -What's up with you and this vendetta against homosexuals?

You are not going to stop them, no matter how much you hope you can so why not focus on something that will really make a profound difference in our future?

Bob Ellis said...

You mean focus on more liberal tripe? I'm already focusing on opposing liberal anti-American fantasies like anthropogenic global warming, obsession with pollution that doesn't exist, the maligning of the best heath care system in the world, helping people lift THEMSELVES out of poverty rather than advocating the government steal someone elses money to give to others, and the greed of people who lack the initiative to start their own enterprise and love to bash other successful people and enterprises.

And yes, I am aware that homosexuality has been around for thousands of years, about as long as...sin has been a part of human nature. And, like all sins, it should be avoided.

And if God leaves us around that long, it'll still be a sin and wrong thousands of years from now. No amount of wishing it to be "right" is going to make it so.

Right now, opposing the legitimization of homosexuality and the undermining of marriage, family and child raising is just about the most profound thing that can be done to make a difference in our future. Homosexuals are not only incapable of continuing the human race, if we allow two homosexuals to believe their union is a "marriage," the entire institutions of marriage and family will be wrecked.

No civilization that shows such contempt for itself could possibly last more than a few generations--and based on previous civilizations that have embraced sexual anarchy, we won't.

Anonymous said...

Ok Bob, thanks for your reply.

Now that I understand you better, I won't be visiting your blog any further.

I've got far better things to do than waste my time on a "whack" militant like yourself.

I've got a life to live and apparently this blog has become yours, so I say enjoy arguing your narrow-minded viewpoints with everyone who disagrees with you. I'm sure it makes your life productive.

One last parting comment - you do realize come November if Same Sex Marriage stays legal in California, it will become the catalyst to something that will spread across the U.S.

That's what happened in 1948 when California legalized interracial marriage. And negative voices who were also against that eventually faded away, like I suspect will happen with you.

Goodbye, and Good Luck with your crusade!

Bob Ellis said...

So long, Anonymous. My heart won't weep long that you're gone. Trying to explain elementary truths to a fence post has never given me a whole lot of enjoyment. Even those that can't or won't understand the difference between an innate physical characteristic like skin color and a behavior like homosexuality.

In all seriousness, I hope God someday gets through to you, because obviously I haven't. If he ever does, come back and let's talk. It'll be a great reunion!

Barry G. Wick said...

My family took the Sunday New York Times when I was growing up. When I discovered that I was homosexual...well, I can tell you that such a big newspaper has many uses...so it's good to know that major media supports the gay and lesbian media. Your story educates people on how important gay and lesbian media is to mainstream America.

Bob Ellis said...

Barry! Good to hear from you again! I thought you were going to retire from haunting the blogs and letters and stuff.

It's hard to stay away, I know.

Anonymous said...

"Homosexuals are not only incapable of continuing the human race, if we allow two homosexuals to believe their union is a "marriage," the entire institutions of marriage and family will be wrecked."

Wrecked? How? What will happen to your marriage and your family?

"No civilization that shows such contempt for itself could possibly last more than a few generations--and based on previous civilizations that have embraced sexual anarchy, we won't."

What civilizations might these be? Is there documented evidence that the acceptance of homosexual behavior was the sole cause for their downfall, and that these civilizations would have flourished and survived if it hadn't been for those pesky gays?

Bob Ellis said...

Nothing will happen to my immediate family, Anonymous 7:22. It will undermine the families of our society, however, possibly even my children's families.

Indications are already starting to show in Scandinavia where they've been allowing this sort of thing for about 10 years that many people aren't even bothering with marriage, since obviously if anyone can call their sexual union "marriage" then it doesn't mean anything.

People here in the United States will quickly make that connection, too. And though my wife and I are doing our best to teach our children right from wrong, the peer pressure of a culture gone bad can be very strong.

When we don't have a solid and stable foundation for our families (marriage), everything begins to fall apart, as we're already seeing from the fallout of no-fault divorce: juvenile delinquency and crime, academic performance problems, youth emotional problems, youth suicides, etc.

We need to turn around and go the other direction, not stomp the pedal to the floor on the road to destruction.

As for those civilizations who have embraced sexual anarchy (I didn't say specifically homosexuality, though that's a part of the equation), anthropologist Joseph Daniel Unwin did extensive research which found that civilizations which abandon a good sex ethic usually collapse within about 3 generations. And those that never embrace a solid sexual ethic to begin with, never even reach what we would consider a "civilized" society.

There is a price to be paid for every moral transgression. God won't strike us with lightning the minute we sin...but sooner or later the bill collector shows up at your door. And the more widespread moral transgressions become in a society, the bigger the bill.

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