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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Lawsuit Fundraiser: Brats for Brats

Great coverage at the South Dakota War College of the silly school funding lawsuit where government wanted to use taxpayer funds to sue government for more taxpayer funds.

Seems the Mitchell Daily Republic is reporting that supporters of this lawsuit are doing something which would have been more proper for them to have done from the git-go: use private funds.

Seems that since Judge Wilbur has cut them off from the public trough, they're turning to brat feeds and walk-a-thons to support their ongoing efforts to fleece the taxpayers for more money to waste.

I don't think I can add anything substantive to Pat's excellent summation of how much sense even this effort makes, but I do have something to add on a sentence in the article about Judge Wilbur's kibosh on the taxpayer funding:

Wilbur’s decision has put supporters of the suit in an ironic situation — educators seeking funding to continue a lawsuit about education funding.

Judge Wilbur's decision didn't put these money-hungry educrats in this "ironic situation;" they put themselves in that ironic situation.


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