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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Successful Liberal Strategy: Lie Brazenly

Apparently Nancy Pelosi isn't the only brazen liar when it comes to the Catholic Church's so-called "confusion" or ambivalence about abortion and the origin of human life.

LifeSiteNews reports that pro-abortion Joe Biden says, "My views are totally consistent with Catholic social doctrine."

Last night I watched again Nancy Pelosi's brazen claim that the Catholic church--and Christianity for that matter--doesn't have a clue when life begins, and that apparently the Catholic church is just dandy with killing children in the womb.

As I marveled at her brazen deception, the thought occurred to me: the brazenness of the lie is the magic.

After all, the average, common-sense reasonable Joe who really isn't up on all the particulars would probably watch her say this and think: "Wow. That sure sounds different than what I thought about Catholics. But surely someone--certainly not the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives--would get up in front of the world and tell a brazen lie like that. Must be true."

And it occurred to me that this is how liberals have been successfully peddling their lies for quite a long time now. They make outlandish and verifiable false claims that reasonable but uninformed people know don't sound right...but most reasonable people don't get up in front of the public and tell brazen lies. And since most people judge the behavior and veracity of others on standards similar to the ones they have for themselves, they can't believe someone would get up a tell a big fat one like that...so it must be true.

This is why it is so important for people to do their homework and research issues for themselves.

The Left is unencumbered by things like facts, history, science, and even a conscience which whispers "Don't do that" when they think about telling a whopper of a lie. So you can't rely on the traditional "Well, nobody'd say something that outrageous if it weren't true" test.

Liberals have taken this common "truth test" and are subverting it to their advantage.


Anonymous said...

What you conclude about liberal lies and deception is true. There have been some who were especially good at it, like the Clintons, and they are celebrated for their ability to lie with a straight face and stick to the lie even when confronted with facts to the contrary. Apparently, Pelosi is trying to make her own mark in that area of liberaldom.

That is also why I am suspicious of "scientific" reports that characteristically support some major tenet of liberal orthodoxy. Whether it's global warming, AIDS studies, genetics, evolution, etc. we must keep in mind that most of these "scientists" are liberals first and foremost, and will enthusiastically skew their findings and conclusions if it advances what they already know to be true. Paul wrote of this in Romans 1:22-23.

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