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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Squeezing Sincerity Out of Pandering

The "mainstream" media would like everyone to believe that religious people are a marginal, insignificant segment of society that is best left ignored, and is irrelevant in the upcoming election.

There are some even within the Republican Party who want people to believe this.

However, the garish and pathetic attempt Democrats have made to pander to people of faith during their convention reveals this is false. After all, why would a political group that routinely and consistently sides attempts to sanitize the public square of Christianity...unless they thought it was important to get even their disgusting vote?

Obviously the religious vote isn't as insignificant as some would like us to believe.

But there are some who are trying to hold the Democrats feet to the fire and squeeze a little sincerity out of Democrat pandering.

From the Christian Post, there are those like pro-life Donald Miller who left the Republican Party because of that party's lack of action on life issues.

Democrats are "reaching out to us, and I'm not naive as to why — they want our votes," said Miller, who gave a two-minute prayer to close Monday's convention session. "But they won't get them and keep them unless they continue the momentum of adopting policies that promote the sanctity of life."

Good luck to 'em. Because as Miller found out, it's hard enough keeping the Republican Party working on pro-life issues--even though there is a solid pro-life plank in the platform.

How tough will it be to get good will out of a party that never seems to miss an opportunity to marginalize, bash and restrict authentic Christianity?


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